Day 2…Perfect School For Life (June 18)

Ushika like all the other runners in this years Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race

Each runner should complete at least 109 laps each day or 59 miles if they want to make it to 3100 miles

Kobi and Vasu both had 83 miles

Vasu parks his bike

Yolanda tells me she wasn’t feeling well yesterday but she still managed 62 miles

Medur and Paramartha

Nisanga setting up

Getting ready

Ushika arrives

Yolanda does her daily head stand

Ushika getting ready

Rupantar does his daily video

Surasa gets a cup

Kobi checks his phone

Karnayati is one of the morning counters

Start Day 2

Kobi and Vasu share the lead with 83 miles each

Kobi is 46 years old

Kobi won the Sri Chinmoy 10 day race in2017 with 755 miles


Paramartha updating the board

Vasu won the race here last year

He also won in 2015

Unlike last year he is running injury free this time


Alexei cleaning Vasu’s shoes

Smarana is 3rd with 75 miles

This is the 9th time he has entered the race

What dog tired looks like


Fixing Smarana’s bike

William is 4th in this years race

He first ran the race at age 60 in 2014 and completed it in just over 50 days


Alan preparing a drink for William

Sopan is 5th

Span is 37 years old

Grin and bear it

Ushika ran 68 miles

skin protection

There is only one perfect road


Surasa is 7 th


She ran 66 miles yesterday

Surasa has world records in 1000km, 700 miles, and 1300 miles


Kaneenika did 1 lap less than Surasa

Last year Kaneenika won the women’s race and set a new record

With supporters and crew


Yolanda did 52 miles

Getting some track side assistance from Suprabha


Ananda-Lahari did 61 miles

This is his 14 year in a row running the race


Nirjharini and the 10 o’clock snacks


Karnayati with the Daily Prayer

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From my inner school,
I receive soul-stirring messages
And encouragement
Every day of my life.

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  1. kaushalya casey says:

    Another great day! Enjoying every minute of reporting!

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  3. Akbota says:

    Thank you, Utpal! These videos take you to the race. What a fun and great idea with labeling the blocks!

  4. Jadranka says:

    It is nice to see familiar faces again, thanks to reports it feels I am there with all of you, thanks Utpal

  5. Kuladhara says:

    Wow! I always admire your creativity. Great ending of the report.

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