Day 37…My Inner Faith (July 22)

When you have so many days of extreme running packed so tightly back to back it is almost impossible to sift through all the days and remember one in particular.   I have a feeling, that despite everything that yet might happen to Smarana here at the race, that July 21st will stand out as a beacon to his self transcendence journey.

It was the hottest day by far and the humidity was so thick it was choking.  The handball tournament was going on with its shifting crowds of rowdy fans and yet Smarana maneuvered through it all and managed to be one of the only 3 runners to make at least 60 miles.

Smarana agrees that the last 2 days were difficult, “You can see it in my miles.”

“It was so humid and sticky.  It was really tough.  2 days ago it was like running against a wall, you had to push.  On the other side you had to play smart.   Because if you push too hard, you might have to pay the price.”

“Yesterday it was much better also I think I had a different energy signature.  Then it is easier to run.  If you have weak energy, it is difficult to run.  But if you have strong energy than the outer circumstances do not affect you as much.”

Smarana says he has no control of this, “I wish I could.  I keep searching for the switches but they keep hiding.  It is not you flipping the switches it just happens.  Sometimes it is just grace.  You don’t know why or how.  You haven’t changed anything.”

“It feels like a downpour of grace.  The heavens open.  There is a torrential downpour and you just accept it gladly, without questioning.”

Smarana starts the day with 880 miles more to go.  “This inner confidence is really amazing.  With this strength you can overcome everything.  If you have this inner strength then the outer difficulties will just go away.”

“I have really learned a lot from everybody.”  He says in particular the consistency of Nirbhasa and Harita he has found inspiring.  “I have seen that they also have had problems and issues, but somehow they just continue to deliver.  This was very inspiring and helped me a lot.”

The Board at the Start of Day 37

The camp early



Garima and Aharan



Rupantar uploads his report

Smarana getting ready

Nirbhasa gets his feet looked at

Start Day 37

Clouds on and off in the morning and humid

The weather later

Ashprihanal has 2394 miles

He did a remarkable 68 miles

He leads Nirbhasa by 40 miles

With Sanjay

Ashprihanal makes 2400

Getting mail



Todor’s table

Nirbhasa has 2354 miles

Had some late afternoon difficulties with the heat and did 52 miles his lowest of the race

Today he is fine and is still dealing with his feet



Sahishnu and Garima talk medical

Vasu has 2255 miles

He ran 55 miles

Is 3 miles ahead of Ananda-Lahari


Bipin with a two can

Ananda-Lahari has 2252 miles

He ran 64 miles

Is 32 miles ahead of Smarana



Nayaja and Leila

Smarana has 2220 miles

He ran 61 miles

Doing very well



Harita has 2187 miles … the magic number is 2145

She ran 57 miles

A gesture

With Launa

Getting mail


Todor has 2155… the magic number is 2145

He did 54 miles yesterday

Doing exercises to help

With Todor

Massage by Sanjay

Not fun




Ushika has 1898 miles

Doing exercises

With Nirjharini and Max

He did 48 miles







The weather Monday night

“The only thing better than sitting on a park bench is to have a friend sitting with you.”

Poem of the Day held by Bahula

Depends upon
My God-surrendering

Sri Chinmoy

July 22nd, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

My inner faith
Does not depend upon
My outer experiences.

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  1. nirmala says:


    I see so much progress.

    Every day I can’t wait for the next day report.

    Well, next Sunday on day 42 my name will be even on the board.

    So exciting, so thrilling.

  2. kaushalya says:

    What a day!! I am smiling with the smilers, and praying for all those sore feet. All the faces are shining. Smarana is telling us all such illumining truths, and so jorfully!

  3. Hridayinee Williams says:

    Yes we all need a downpour of Grace. How wonderful!

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