Day 39… I Become Everything (July 24)

Sanjay this morning told me about this interesting reaction he received when he showed his movie at the Road Runners club in Manhattan a few nights ago.  “There is a connection between the 3100 and the Road Runners club,” he says.

“So after a screening to a packed house in New York city I did a Question and Answer but I noticed that 2 kids from the audience sneaked out.”   What had happened was the 2 boys were so inspired by the movie they simply decided to come immediately out to the race and see it for themselves.

When Sanjay came back to the race himself they had just gotten there.  “They just couldn’t believe that this kind of race even existed, and they had to see it for themselves.”

Sanjay says the boys were ecstatic and spent more than an hour talking with runners and helpers. “It was an awakening.”  He felt the boys were introduced to a whole new dimension of their own spiritual possibilities.  “It was really fascinating.”

Sanjay says that for many people watching the movie they have never before seen a true Spiritual Master like Sri Chinmoy.  This experience of hearing a Master’s voice and seeing a Master in action as in 3100 Run and Become could affect people on a very deep level.  It was beyond my control but I saw the possibility that viewers of the movie could make a connection to Sri Chinmoy.”

“In 2007 in the summer I had the chance to drive Sri Chinmoy to Philadelphia where he was invited to lift some of the world’s strongest men.  Who were in a competition there.  They were gigantic.”

Sanjay says that as soon as Sri Chinmoy started warming up they started gathering around.  “You could hear the sounds of the weights crashing.”  He says as the warmup progressed Sri Chinmoy lifted effortlessly.  “They understood just how heavy these weights actually were.”

“They were appreciative of the weights that Sri Chinmoy was actually lifting.  Never giving up.”

In total Sri Chinmoy lifted 5948 pounds in the space of half an hour. “Today was one of the highlights of my weightlifting career“, he reflected after the event. “These great strongmen have inspired countless people on earth, and I am so happy I could offer them my most sincere appreciation from the inmost depths of my heart.“

The Board at the Start of Day 39

Camp early



Aharan pouring drinks

Anupan putting up the race cameras

Harita arives

Rupantar does his report


Ananda-Lahari and Smarana

Start Day 39

The weather

Great day to run

Ashprihanal has 2529 miles

He ran 65 miles

Doing very well



Team Harita

Nirbhasa has 2467 miles

He ran 63 miles

Late this afternoon he made 2500 miles

photo by Todor



Sahishnu arrives

Ananda-Lahari has 2402 miles

He ran an incredible 86 miles which is 6 miles further than his best on day 1

He is 19 miles ahead of Vasu

Doing very well


Cooks at 10

Vasu has 2383 miles

He did 66 miles

This morning he completed 2400 miles

photo by Garima

A good day



Smarana has 2336 miles

He ran 64 miles

Doing well



Harita has 2308 miles the magic number is 2,264 miles

She ran 60 miles

Doing well

Enjoying her time



Todor has 2,263 miles.  Just one mile below the magic number

He ran 59 miles

Getting help from Todor



Ushika has 1991 miles

He ran 47 miles

Getting help from Sanjay

With Max

Making 2000

photo by Garima





Sahishnu and Garima


“My goodness this is slippery when wet……I am not a duck you know.”

Poem of the Day held by Kagni

Sleepless God-faith-vigil
Is indispensable.

Sri Chinmoy

July 24th, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

From my gratitude-heart
I get everything.
From my surrender-life
I become everything.

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  1. nirmala says:

    Oh my God, this picture with the four heavy weight weightlifter is gigantic! Thanks to Sanjay’s
    interview we get the chance to see it.

  2. Doris says:

    Sri Chinmoys weight-lifting has always been a big inspiration for me and currently I am rereading his diaries from 1986 where he sayed repeatedly, that he sincerely hates weight-lifting. He wanted to stop it all after lifting 200 pounds in the one-arm lifting, but according to inner dictates that he faithfully followed, we are now getting to know from Sanjay that he did over a period of twenty years. And we may consider that Sri Chinmoy lifted these strongmen in 2007, which means he did it short before he left his physical body in October the same year. I can only imagine how inspired these runners are here accomplishing such unimaginable results.

    I am very moved by the expression in their faces!!

  3. Mitch says:

    Kudos to Sanjay and his wonderful movie! I have told many people’in the last 20 years to come witness a true miracle taking place , a few miles from my office !
    Maybe 10-15 have showed up, I am more intrigued that not everyone shows up or shares our( Sanjay, myself ,disciples, seekers and other runners) passion to see with their own eyes this display of incredible, superhuman accomplishments.
    There are no real words to describe how these 8 people ( and the previous participants) are doing it.
    The fact that 2 people came immediately from seeing his inspiring movie means they felt and captured the enormity of what the human spirit, soul, heart, mind , and body or vessel can achieve! Hopefully many more will show up, after watching Sanjay’s movie and or following Utpals amazing blog, and have the chance to be in presence of these 8 God-like , immortal,and beautiful , souls.

  4. Jamini says:

    Hi Utpal, love your updates, helps up stay connected from far away! How about an interview/profile of you and all it takes to put these together? I would love to read that.

  5. Ksenia says:

    Some times we may think that we cheer the runners, but it is them who cheers us and the whole world at large:)

  6. Hridayinee Williams says:

    Sooo good to hear Sanjays story. How wonderful the power of inspiration is.

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