June 24: Running Towards Our Goal

Putting off hard decisions and trying to nimbly sidestep the inevitable commitment to our life journey are options we quite often too readily take. This is possible however only when we indulge in the fantasy that our mind is ultimately responsible for observing or judging our actions.  In the grand arena of life our higher selves are not always successful when the mind, vital, and physical gang up and attempt to do battle with and delay our inner progress.

They want nothing to do with breaking free of the bonds of inertia and lethargy.   For the powerful chattering voice of our own unevolved ignorance always wants to take the easiest path which is to do nothing at all.  This strategy is a self delusion at best and at worst the stifling of our heart’s cry.  It can only inevitably delay but never ultimately defeat our true limitless divine destiny.

Here at the 3100 there there can be no procrastination or avoidance of a full spectrum of life’s challenges.  Problems rise up like roaring lions and must be either tamed or conquered.  The runners share a brotherhood and bond here like no other race anywhere else.  There are just too many miles to suffer and endure ahead not to reach out and inspire and offer aid to each other.  Vasu learned that in a very real way this morning.

“He is my friend, he teaches me how to be patient, and how to be a little bit more clever.” With these words Vasu tactfully describes an enormous and painful blister on his foot.  One that is shocking just to look at but more importantly, it had to be excruciating to him as he tried to eke out 60 miles on it yesterday.  But he is truly not alone in his suffering.  This morning Arpan who has been at this game for a very long time took time out from his own preparations to help him with a proper bandage.  This procedure takes so long that when the race starts they are still both on the sidelines, and do not start running for several minutes.

Vasu in just a few days time will be entering into unexplored territory in his multi day running career.  He says that this blister has taught him more about doing the race slowly and steadily.  Of Arpan’s assistance he is grateful and says, “it was a sacrifice.”

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How fast can you leave aside your ignorance and go toward your own Goal?

Competition, if it is at all necessary, should be to see how far behind us we have left ignorance and imperfection and how fast we are running towards our Goal.

Let there be two sides: one, perfection’s side; the other, imperfection’s side. How fast are we running from imperfection and ignorance towards the positive side of Perfection, Truth, Light and Bliss? That and not rivalry with others, should be your competition.

Sri Chinmoy, Earth’s Cry Meets Heaven’s Smile, Part 3, Agni Press.

Pradeep is slowly and steadily seeing his race step out of the murky shadows that held him back the past few days.

A brief moment of joking in the camp before a very long hard day ahead.

Start Day 8

“Every time I come here it is great.”  He says it doesn’t matter whether it is as a helper, which he did for 10 days last year or as a runner.  Though he confesses if he could pick and choose, “I like much better to be a runner.”

His first 5 days this year were very consistent but he has struggled a bit the past 2.  The weather for him like everyone else has played a significant factor in his running.  “The first day 26C and on other days 36C.  It is not possible to do normal mileage for everyone.  It was just too much, it is a big difference between 26 and 36.  What can I say.”

“I love hot days, but I need some time to prepare for it.  When it gets hot in the 4th or 5th week, I think by then I will feel good.  I don’t love cold weather.  For me 24C here is cold, not at home or somewhere else.”  Last night it was cooler and he says that it was cool enough that he had to wear a long sleeved shirt.

“These last 7 days were very different than my other races here.  (this is his 4th) He says of these days it was a harder physical experience than he has ever had here before.  “Mentally I think I am very good.”

He then points to a large  Jharna Kala bird on his shirt  and says that his heart is smiling and enjoying the race, “this is the best place.”

When asked why, he replies, “try and you will see.  There are many things that happen here.  It is simple.  When you transcend yourself your inner being is very happy.  Your soul is very happy because you are going towards your goal.”

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168th Street


Miracles happen in all shapes and sizes here and particularly at times when they are least expected.  For Sopan one little miracle happened to him a day ago.

“Yesterday afternoon I was running really well for a few hours when all of a sudden I felt under inspired.” (laughter) So this went on for hours and hours my pretty bad mood and lack of inspiration.  So at one point it got pretty bad and was getting worse and worse.  It felt like there was no way out.

The only way out seemed to pray.  So I prayed really sincerely.  A really profound and sincere prayer.  I was like, please help me, you know I cannot deal with this.  There is no way out.”

Around 6pm in the evening he saw someone arriving at the race with a big bag filled with coconut water.  Instead of being grateful he was disappointed because at that moment he was in the mood instead for a can of Red Bull.  Just then a promotion vehicle advertising Red Bull drove by.

At the same time he was running with another runner who was also experiencing a tough patch in the race.  “We were not too happy with our moods.”

“What happened was that we reached the opposite corner of the course and we see that the Red Bull truck has stopped and they were giving every one a free Red Bull, so they gave me one too. And for some reason I was so happy.  Right away my bad mood vanished, just disappeared.  Just from getting a can of Red Bull.  It sounds funny, but I was grateful that my prayer was answered.”

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The Flower Maidens beautifying the course


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You be the master of your every hour.
God will definitely be the master
Of your every moment on your behalf,
Cheerfully, devotedly


You be the master of your soulful smile.
God will definitely be the master
Of your heart’s excruciating pangs on your behalf,
Smilingly, sleeplessly

Sri Chinmoy, Europe-Blossoms, Agni Press, 1974.

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  1. The Red Bull Story is quite funny! I just had a look before at the Gallery and saw this picture:http://gallery.srichinmoyraces.org/3100/2012/8765/day+7+-040.jpg.html
    It look as if Sopan is receiving Red Bull Prashad.
    Miracles can come in many forms and many persons.

  2. nirmala says:

    Baladev’s interview made me realise that this sacred space is right here in the strides of his running, it looks like the entire world fits into this field of Self-Transcendence and the rules of earth life, like temperature etc fades away, because he is immersed in something beyond our understanding. “When asked why, he replies, “try and you will see. There are many things that happen here. It is simple. When you transcend yourself your inner being is very happy. Your soul is very happy because you are going towards your goal.”

    thank you for so much LIGHT, my name is purity’s light and Delight in the entire being so I feel and read between the lines and get the messages a little different. Much love to all,

  3. Baridhi says:

    Great interviews, Sopan and Baladev. 🙂 What they are saying might sound simple but I feel something very profound.

  4. Kedar says:

    Utpal, you are not only a prolific writer and interviewer, but also a good photographer. I like your pictures. The only thing I miss would be to have the interviews in video instead of only audio format…

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