Harita’s Finish

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  1. Vasanti says:

    Harita, you are amazing, amazing, amazing – what a jewel! Beautiful words – thanks so much for recording and posting them here!

    Actually the last part of this speech is shown in the NZ article about her new record: https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/women-in-sport/126791421/selftranscendence-3100-mile-race-kiwi-runner-harita-davies-breaks-own-record-in-worlds-longest-race

  2. Hridayinee says:

    I’m so so happy for you Harita. All of us here in New Zealand, our hearts are bursting with joy and divine pride for you and your supreme victory. Your speech was absolutely beautiful, sincere and truthful; your face shining with inner light and transcendence. Congratulations again!

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