Day 52: Run And Become


The board at the start of day 52




Garima and Niriha


Start day 52

Takasumi did 59 miles

He has 3051 miles

He will finish at 6:30 tonight

With Nina


Anjali and Nina

A gathering

Annanda-Lahari did 51 miles

He has 2804 miles


Anjali updates the board


Stutisheel did 31 miles

He has 2731 miles


Sahishnu delivers the mail



Counting in the van


Tea time


Run and become,
Become and run.
Run to succeed in the outer world.
Become to proceed in the inner world.

— Sri Chinmoy

7 thoughts on “Day 52: Run And Become”

  1. Thank you, thank you everybody: Utpal again for your wonderful reports, pictures and interviews — the runners for their extreme effort und success —- and for all the helpers and supporters who made this race possible.

    Tank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Utpal so much for all these reports, it was a real perfection journey for all of us who couldn’t be in New York during the Race.
    Gratitude to all who helped this event took the place in such a difficult times and brought the feeling of tremendous oneness in every possible way.

  3. I can only repeat what Tapaswini and Jadranka already said! Huge congratulations to everyone for making this race such a deeply inspiring event – a shining light and in some way a piece of Heaven (in spite of all the tough challenges of the race itself) in these quite chaotic times! Just shows how big challenges can bring out hidden deeper qualities and strength inside of if we just stop focusing on the negatives! And like Harita said: so great to see so many helpers and runners from so many places physically together after such a long time and supporting each other with so much oneness, love, dedication and concern!
    And special thanks of course for the high quality photos that capture the great race atmosphere and the emotions of the runners and helpers, and the great videos and interviews – by Jowan and Utpal.

  4. Huge congratulations to all: the divine hero warrior runners, the organizers, the support staff including the cooks and a special thanks to Utpal’s Perfection Journey and Jowan’s photos for bringing us right into the race every day with inspiration, joy and gratitude.

  5. Thank you so much for your dedicated service and mastery to bring this race alive for observers across the globe. The daily reports posted so quickly and so much work must have gone into this effort. 52 days of interviews, photographs and writing. Gratitude also to all the organizers, helpers and photographers, especially Jowan. Thank you most of all to Sri Chinmoy for creating this race that teaches one and all to dream the impossible dream and go the extra mile.

  6. Thank you Utpal! You put so much effort and dedication into your reports. Now we can’t even imagine the Race without the Perfection Journey daily blogs. You’ve become a very important part of the Race. You bring the energy and the feeling of this amazing event all over the world. Congratulations to runners, organizers and helpers! This was the unique and beautiful edition of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 31000 Mile Race! Gratitude to all!

  7. Utpal the Great: Your wonderful daily updates and interviews transported our hearts to that magical patch of land, allowing us to be one with the runners, helpers, and everyone passing through. Thank you!

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