Day 6: Every Day Is Good

As Takasumi describes the many years he dreamed, planned, and prepared himself to come to Sri Chinmoy 3100 mile Self-Transcendence race his clear bright face reveals the tremendous awe and respect he has to be one of the precious few to set off this year in this the longest race in the world.

Every runner who makes their way to the starting line from scattered places from around the world knows it will be the most difficult thing they have ever attempted.  That they will be challenged in many ways they never thought it was even possible to endure.

Photo by Sri Chinmoy Ultra photos

But in Takasumi’s wide gentle eyes I see a humility and wonder that both he and his wife Nina, who is his helper, have embarked on the ultimate journey of transformation and transcendence.  One that will reveal itself in moments of ache and pain but also in joy and satisfaction.  There is a road in front of us all.  One which we must all take steps upon to reach a destination that calls out to encourage us, even though we sometimes listen through deaf ears.

Takasumi’s ears and his heart have clearly heard its call and he has resolutely accepted the challenge of the long road ahead.

Takasumi has had a slow start so far.  Yesterday he did 2 miles and has a 6 day total of 294 miles


The board after 6 Days

All quiet




Peterson the late night guy

Dirty laundry

Wei Ming gets ready

Harita and Garima

Niriha the chai and team Misstress

The boys

Rupantar and Nina

A happy Wei Ming

Start Day 6

Andrea did 68 miles yesterday

His total for 6 days is 373 miles.  He has a lead of 15 miles


Anjali and Nina

Vasu did 64 miles.

He is in 2nd place with 358 miles

With Sasha

Being counted


Arpan helping Andrea

Wei Ming did 62 miles

He is 3rd with 335 miles


Harita did 60 miles

She is 4th with 317 miles

So cheerful



Ananda-Lahari did 57 miles

He is 5th with 308 miles


Nina and friend

Stutisheel did 61 miles

He has 296 miles

Short break


Anjali updates the board

Avail yourself of every opportunity
That the new day brings,
For every day may not have
Equal possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Every Day Is Good”

  1. Another joyful day of transcendence! I am fascinated by Lo Wei Ming’s sandals!! I have run 2 miles in sandals–arriving from Canada at 7:55 am on a Saturday morning –barely in time for the Runners are Smilers. But 80 miles?! Truly amazing, and inspiring.. What a runner!

  2. What a beautiful first week of the 2021 edition of the 3100 mile race! I am so grateful to you, Utpal, for bringing us not only the sights — but the insights– of the race again. Your videos, interviews and photos are an amazing amount of work for you and an amazing amount of enjoyment by me and so many others around the globe! Thank you! And ‘see ya!’

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