Day 5: To Be Happy

Last year when the 3100 mile race was held in Salzburg, Andrea Marcato entered the longest distance race in the world for the first time.  At age 38 the trajectory of his athletic career was in a clear path to collide with this event sooner rather than latter.  He had for some time accumulating impressive numbers not only in his previous multi days but also his achievements as a swimmer and triathlete.

The meeting of runner and Sri Chinmoy 31000 mile Self-Transcendence race was historic, as Andrea won the race with a time of 43 days and 12 hours.  A performance that lifts him up into the lofty heights of one of the best achievements in the long 25 year history of the race.

As he enters day 5 there is still a very long way to go.  But from the start on Sunday he has been delivering an effort so far that is not far off from being spectacular.

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

Yesterday he ran 67 miles and has 305 miles


It is going to be an overcast and cool damp day at the race

Mercifully the rain holds off until the race starts.

There is hurried preparation to put up umbrellas

The Rupantar video

Andrea talks with Garima


Nayana the morning counter gets ready

Harita and Harashita

The boys

Rupantar doing what he does best

Start of Day 5

Wei Ming did 63 miles

He now has 273 miles

His supporters come regularly to greet him

He is in 3rd place 35 miles behind Vasu

On his table he has a picture of his 5 children


Food arrives

Vasu did 64 miles

He is in 2nd place 12 miles behind Andrea



Takasumi did 58 miles

He has 242 miles

Sisters and friend


Arpan updates the board

Stutisheel did 47 miles

He has 234 miles




Harita did 60 miles

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

She has 256 miles


Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

With one of her helpers


Ananda-Lahari did 59 miles

Sri Chinmoy Ultra photos

He has 250 miles


Andrea leads the race by 12 miles

Passing through the camp

Arpan talks about Andrea

Those who run after happiness
Will never be happy.
Happiness is something
That has to come to the fore
From within.


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  1. Arpan thank you thank you for supporting Andrea.
    Best support for him in Salzburg was the big Italian supporting team bringing original Italian food.
    Thank you Utpal for the reports and videos.
    Oneness-heart gratitude

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