Day 18… Meditation in Motion (July 3)

For many years Swamiji would run the loop every day early in the morning.  Starting before the official 6 am start he would always go in the direction of the day and he would always look as though he was deep in prayer and meditation.

Not that he wouldn’t talk or carry on light conversation but it was clear that his vibrant presence was not just about early morning jogging. No one kept track of just how many miles he would do each day but it was not insignificant. His intentions were always deep, personal, and meaningful.

This morning he returned once again but this time in his bright colored robes and he was happy to talk about his love of the race.  “I lived in the neighborhood and it was through word of mouth that I heard about it.  That’s how I joined the race but it was a blessing to do it for me.”

Swamiji says that he would have preferred to have come and run this morning but his extensive travel schedule prevented it.  “I just got back last night so the tiredness is there.”  He is excited about a new pair of running shoes he just got. “I am ready to run I must.   It is a maximum spiritual experience in motion.  I can’t miss that. It is a very rare opportunity to do something like this.”

“I wish many more people could understand this.”  He knows that by time the race is over everyone involved in the event has been fashioned into a more spiritual mold.  “It is what’s driving them and moving them along.  This is really meditation in motion.”  He feels that there are benefits to be gained not just by the runners but for all those who identify and partake in even any small way with the race.

“I want to spend some time here and reap the benefit.  It recharges me to help me with all the work that I do around the world.  United Nations, conflict resolutions, spiritual harmony.  This is fuel to recharge me.”

“The Guru never dies.   He is always operating.  But we are human beings and we are so used to seeing a name and a form.  Which creation is all about.  We should see God in all his creation.  This is the purpose of life.   We can’t always remain living in the lower level.   We have to move up.  Because we are all consciousness and we have to rediscover that.  This race allows us to do that.”

“We want to go back to consciousness where we came from.”

Interview from 2013


The Board at the Start of Day 18

Camp early

Vajra back on the job this morning


Ashprihanal stretches

Smarana now has an electric bike

Harita arrives

Rupantar doing his daily video




Start Day 18

Hot and humid day

Ashprihanal has 1117 miles

He ran 65 miles yesterday

Morning mail

He leads Nirbhasa by 12 miles

Japanese Maple

Race Director break

Nirbhasa has 1105 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

He leads Vasu by 28 miles

Running well

Getting mail


Vasu has 1077 miles

He ran 58 miles yesterday

Nicolae came yesterday to help him

Changing shoes

He leads Smarana by 3 miles



Smarana has 1074 miles

He ran 57 miles yesterday

16 miles ahead of Ananda-Lahari


Garima and Sahishnu

Ananda-Lahari has 1048 miles

He ran 59 miles yesterday

31 miles ahead of Harita



Harita has 1019 miles

She did 62 miles yesterday

She leads Todor by 2 miles

With Anita


Leila and Nirjharini

Todor has 1017 miles

He ran 59 miles yesterday

Running well



Ushika has 933 miles

Getting worked on by Max

Everyone hopes he can get through this


Anita and Leila

Poem of the Day held by Boijayanti


God-rising life

Is a



Sri Chinmoy July 3rd, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Be happy.
You will get what you like most.
You will be what you like best.

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    Dear Utpal
    Thank you again for the great work you do. Who are those amazing musicians in today’s Sounddrack? So magic.

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