Day 19… Universal Oneness (July 4)

For a very very long time America’s Independence day has been celebrated by the great citizenry of this country in diverse but generally unhurried ways.  Often ice cream, beach towels, and fire works are put to use, but diligent hard work is generally avoided at all costs.  That is unless you have forgotten some snack that needs to be picked up for the back yard barbecue.

Harita is still a couple of thousand miles away from using a beach towel or even taking a languid retreat in a hammock pitched under some shady trees.  What is on Harita’s mind and in her heart is to try and simply record another 114, or even better 116 laps of the course.  Her goal is still a long, long way off.  But each day that she sets off with the other 7 runners on their Self-Transcendence quest it draws closer.

Harita spent much of last summer with the Peace run as it meandered through nearly all the 48 mainland states.  It was the 3rd time that she has done it.  “It was an incredible, incredible opportunity.  Anywhere you run in the world with the Peace torch gives you so much hope for humanity.  Running with the Peace run draws out the goodness of everybody that you encounter and draws out your own goodness as well.”

“When you go out on the Peace Run you see that America is such a beautiful country full of incredible people. Every single day in every state you meet big hearts who so much hope for the future.  They are doing great things by virtue of their goodness.”

Harita has had the good fortune to have visited all 50 states.  “They are all incredibly unique.  Coming from a small country like New Zealand.  My country is the size of one state.  It has variances but in America variances are huge.  Still you feel the spirit of America and I was thrilled when I went to Hawaii and went Alaska.  Places that are so far away.  You could still really feel this powerful spirit of newness and enthusiasm, hope, and big heartedness.”

photo by Arpan

“I recited 2 quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt this morning.  One was, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams.  The other one, a woman is like a teabag you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

2 days ago she passed 1,000 miles.  “A 1,000 miles sounds like a lot.  In this race every day is just its own world.  I try not to really think about the next day, because it is overwhelming.  But when you reach 1,000 miles you think wow.  To drive 1,000 miles is a long way.  But it feels like something.”

The Board at the start of Day 19

Camp early

Rufus is visiting the race from Western Massachusetts

Ashprihanal arrives

Rupantar and Medur






The socks


Putting shoes on

Nearly ready

Start Day 19

First steps

Humid with a light breeze

Aashprihanal has 1189 miles

He ran 71 miles yesterday

He leads Nirbhasa by 20 miles

Running well


Jadranka does the board

Nirbhasa has 1169 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

Running well

Leads Vasu by 27 miles


Patricia the secret gardener

Vasu has 1142 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

He leads Smarana by 3 miles


The band

Smarana has 1139 miles

He ran 65 miles yesterday

Leads Ananda-Lahari by 11 miles

Running well



Ananda-Lahari has 1128 miles

He ran a spectacular 80 miles yesterday

Leads Harita by 47 miles

Mail time


Leila with special 4th of July muffins

Harita has 1081 miles

She ran 62 miles yesterday

Tied with Todor


Anita and Nirjharini

Todor has 1081 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

Running well

With Todor




Ushika has 979 miles

He ran 45 miles yesterday

Getting mail

Working on solutions

With Max


“Yes, I did order a fresh salad.  But this is ridiculous.”

Poem of the Day held by Aranyani

Is the Beauty
Of my life.
Is the Fragrance
Of my heart.

Sri Chinmoy

July 4th, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners setting up for a big day


Distinguished guests

4th of July skits

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Only one flag
Flies above all the rest:
The flag of universal oneness.

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  1. Ksenia says:

    What a beautiful day! I like your bird`s jokes so much!))
    Oh, I know the president on the picture first from the right – he is on the 100 bucks bill! 😉

  2. Kamaneeya says:

    Great running everyone!

    I hope Ushika will get better soon! He is having a special experience this year! I am sure he is gonna a learn a lot from it.

    And, happy 4th of July!

  3. Vasanti says:

    Runners grinding, suffering, runners smiling, radiating, oscillation between Heaven and hell and back – destination transformation! I hope someone prints out the bird jokes for the runners or shows them on a smartphone – food for miles of smiles!
    Happy late 4th of July and congratulations on your amazing achievements so far, all of you!
    And thanks again for the great fotos and interviews!

  4. Hridayinee Williams says:

    Loved Harita being interviewed and also loved the 2nd video of all the independence day skits and quotes. THX!!

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