Day 17… Illumine You (July 2)

“It makes it easier when you are doing your miles.  It is a challenge when you are behind.  It is a race and there is a cut off at 52 days.  I am trying to do my best. When you are not doing your miles it is more difficult to be happy, and I want to be happy.”

The past 16 days have been mostly good ones for Ananda-Lahari.  Yesterday he ran 61 miles and within a couple of hours this morning he will be the 4th of the 8 runners to reach 1000 miles.  One of those no joke kind of numbers that catches your eye when you see it on the board and hopefully for Ananda-Lahari continues to build his confidence that this is the year he once again makes it all the way.

Ananda-Lahari is one of those relentless types who stays most nights until there simply is no more time left to run.  When asked the glaringly stupid question, if he is happy when the day is over.  “Yes I do.  When I get home I know the work is done.”

When asked an additional poor question, whether or not he has a hard job his answer, “Probably.”

He feels that even if he was the only runner on the course he would be happy with that.  “We are not here to socialize.  We are here to run your miles.”

“This world is not only about the physical.  It is connected altogether.  Our mind, our spiritual heart, our vital energy, and our soul the boss.  It is not only to work on the physical level.  I guess the goal is to bring the soul forward so that the soul can take over.”

Our conversation stops briefly as we pass by the girls singing group Enthusiasm Awakeners.  “This is a precious moment when I go around the course.  I wanted to enjoy it.”

“I hope I have made some progress.  It is easy to be happy sitting on a sofa and drinking coca cola.  It is more difficult to be happy when you are being squeezed.” He takes his hands up and imitates the motion of wringing out a wet towel.  “There are different levels of happiness.”

“The first one isn’t real happiness.  We can be happy only for a while this way.  But in the long term if we make a sincere effort. We can transcend ourselves and transform ourselves into better people, then this will make us really happy.”

The Board at the Start of Day 17

Camp early

Lots of time

Ashprihanal arrives


Rupantar and Anupam

Harita at her table

Getting her feet ready

Smarana arrives

Encouragement for Ushika


Start Day 17

First steps

A good day to run

Ashprihanal has 1052 miles

He ran 67 miles yesterday

Still working on his digestion

He leads Nirbhasa by 12 miles

Ice under the hat


Nirbhasa has 1040 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

Getting help from Yahva

21 miles ahead of Vasu


Birthday cake for Leila

Vasu has 1019 miles

He ran 67 miles

Getting help with shoes

With Vladamir

He is 3 miles ahead of Smarana


I want you to be happy sent by Sandor


Smarana has 1016 miles

He ran 63 miles yesterday

Running very well


Sahishnu readies a morning board update

Ananda-Lahari has 989 miles

He ran 61 miles yesterday


Doing well



Todor has 957 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

With Todor

Leads Harita by 1 mile


Getting ready to go

Harita has 956 miles

She ran 63 miles

With Anita



Ushika has 886 miles

He did 40 miles

check up


Max says that massaging the legs and feet is really helping



“I am coming into the jungle to find you Joe.  Just keep singing.”

Leila celebrates her 27th birthday

Poem of the Day held by Leila


Is our




Is our



Sri Chinmoy July 2 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Trials in the outer world
Awaken you.
Trials in the inner world
Illumine you.

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  1. Kamaneeya says:

    Go, go, Ananda-Lahari, you can definitely do it!

    There is such a special connection between runners and Enthusiasm Awekeners.

    Happy birthday Leila!

  2. Doris says:

    Jokes work for me so well, Utpal! Hope he will find Joe! Recently a blackbird tried so hard to escape my bike by running very quickly across the street. It looked so funny, that I asked him what was wrong with his wings! I would have risked an accident for sure, not to hit him. 🙂

    Ananda-Lahari has such a gentle sweetness in his voice, no matter what! There is a shift noticable, that tells you he inwardly works hard on something. Go Ananda-Lahari! Go everybody!

  3. Ruta Mazelis says:

    Another delightful and inspiring post! I remain deeply touched and wondering if I can create a way to spend a few days to help… If you will, will you let us know what today’s music was please?

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