Day 16… Life For The Better (July 1)

Yesterday Vasu had a good day, a very good day.  He ran 66 miles which is about his usual distance, but in the week preceding it the story was much different. He was being tormented by blisters and a sore Achilles.  He wasn’t exactly running but on the worst days he was still able to complete distances in the mid 50’s.

The counters are able to record Vasu’s laps and then tally up the mileage.  When there is time they can  then pick up plastic numbers backed by Velcro and stick the total on a board next to his name.  All the counting and putting up of numbers is important for the recording.  What statistics can’t show of course is the sheer courage,  strength and determination that allowed him to continue to march on through a world of pain and fatigue and still smile.

This morning his smile is clear and bright.  His dark days may not be over just yet but the worst of his problems have passed.  “I am very grateful that I can start to run a little faster. My blister is almost done.  Everything is good.”

Vasu laughs when I suggest that the start of his race was difficult.  In fact he was leading and running well for most of the first week.  “Everybody has some problems here.  It is life and we need to go through it.”

“When you have problems you can go deep inside, and it can help a lot.  But you must be happy when you go through it.”  He says he does not get sad when his daily results are not up to his usual standard.  “It is more important to be happy.”  Vasu feels that it is only by being happy that ultimately he can get miles and of course achieve his real purpose in coming here which is self transcendence.

He feels that the results of being happy and positive may not show up right away but most certainly will in the long run.  “To be happy is very important.”

“Every moment is a good moment.” Vasu then went through parts of his day and told me about some of the expected and unexpected things that took place to inspire him.  All of this helps not just continue on this seemingly endless journey in front of him but helps him run even faster.

” We try and inspire each other and go inside and bring forth our divine qualities.” Sometime today Vasu will complete the first 1000 miles of his epic journey to self transcendence.

The Board at the start of Day 16

Camp early

The clock

Karabi is counting




Harita working on her feet

Databir with Nirbhasa’s laundry

Todor drops his bike


Start Day 16

Gary Corbitt visited the race today

He posed for picks and walked around the course with Arpan

Ashprihanal leads with 985 miles

He ran 61 miles yesterday

Still has some digestion issues

Leads Nirbhasa by 10 miles


Databir brings ice cream every day for the runners

Nirbhasa has 975 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

With Yahva


Jadranka updating the board

Smarana has 953 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

He leads Vasu by 1 mile

Big shadow


Vasu has 952 miles

He ran 66 miles yesterday




Ananda-Lhari has 928 miles

He ran 48 miles

With Todor


Ice cream

Harita has 892 miles

She ran 63 miles yesterday

With Anita

Break time

Doing well


Todor has the same mileage of 892

He also ran 63 miles

With Todor



Ushika has 848 miles

He did 48 miles


Trying hard


The Daily Poem held by Kanala


Longest distance-runner


God’s special

Prize winner

Sri Chinmoy July 1sr 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Just a little smile always changes life for the better.


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  1. Utsahi says:

    All my admiration and gratitude for the examplary courage of our heroic eight transcendence runners and all the helpers who contribute to make this unique 52-day-long moment happen.
    You runners are showing us the power of determination, the beauty of smiles, the divinity of our dreams.
    Every day, I’m looking forward to the unique heart-messages that transpire through this www. Gratitude to all (:-
    In oneness, with love and the unlimited potential of gratitude as it is so well expressed by Vasu today (:-

  2. Kamaneeya says:

    Such a beautiful music in the video. I am wondering who is the artist.

    Very happy for Vasu that he is doing much better!

    Thank you.

  3. Hridayinee Williams says:

    Hey Utpal, I also felt the video music was sweet and divine. The interview with Vasu was very inspiring. Every time I see Vasu in the 3100 mile he’s cheerful and holds an eternally optimistic attitude. Extremely inspiring!!

  4. Jamie says:


    Hope allis well.

    Jamie Wpg Center
    Smile Smile Smile

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