Day 23… As Simple As Possible (July 9)

There is a kind of silence and tranquility about William’s running.  Occasionally there might be a hard set to his jaw but his steps are always light and his pace almost precise and clock work efficient.   A veteran of many many ultra races he is a consummate endurance athlete.  No bravado, no hype, just get on the track and go for as long as you can.  After 22 days that of course is a significant total.

His mileage to date is 1288 miles.  A good number by any standard but still a little off the pace which is 1,311.  When you see him run, particularly late in evening when the track becomes his almost serene personal loop, there is little doubt he will gradually gather up all the missing miles and then some.

“We were hit with a heat wave earlier on and though I do heat training before I come out here.  It obviously doesn’t equate being hot for 18 hours a day.  I had to work my way through that.”  William also had a day of stomach upset that also set him back.

“I cope with everything and I am very philosophical.  My philosophy is to run as far as I can every day.  Despite the circumstances, whether it be physical or weather issues, or health.  Whatever I get I am happy with.  That is my philosophy so I might as well relax.  I am more relaxed than I was 4 years ago.”

“With experience you learn to look at the bigger picture.  The vast majority of time it is just about the next lap, this day, and nothing more.  That is the way I do it.”

“I have various athletic goals.  To finish in a certain position and obviously I would like to complete the distance within the time limit.  But to be honest I wouldn’t be devastated if I didn’t.  As long as I have done my best to achieve the greatest possible distance every day.”

“I try to make everything as simple as possible.  I used to have complex plans and mantras.  I still do use mantras occasionally.  Mostly I just boil it all down and focus on my breathing.  If my mind is drifting or I think I have a problem I always bring it back by focusing on my breathing.   That is the most important thing I am doing.”

“Most of the day I am just thinking about my breathing.”

William says it gives him peace and he appreciates the simplicity of it.  “It is always there.  I am not forcing any changes.  The breath is doing its own thing.  I just go along with it.”

“It is essential for me to have a crew supporting me.  4 years ago I tried to go without for the first 2 weeks, so I do know what it is like being unsupported.” He says that too much time is wasted if he doesn’t have the support of helpers.

“I do love the evenings. I love it after 8 or 9pm especially.  To me that is when I come alive, when it goes quiet here.  The crowds have all gone it is just me and the race.  To me that is my golden time, the evening.”

The condition of Yolanda’s feet was such that she went to a foot specialist to seek further treatment.  On her facebook page she released the following statement.  When the opportunity takes place I will ask for a further update.

The New York concrete got the best of my feet! I must stay off my feet for two weeks Thanks Dr Haskins & Dr. Karen Silver!!!

The Board at the start of Day 23 *Note the totals may not be accurate* The magic number is 1,311 miles

The early time

The morning chat

Paramartha setting up the tables

William comes

Rupantar checks the daily mileage

Surasa arrives

Sorting out the counting tables

At work with Kobi

William with his feet

Kaneenika comes

Smarana and Ananada-Lahari

Vajra leaves


Heading to the tables

The Girls

Start Day 23

A beautiful morning

Vasu did 68 miles

He will pass half way early in the day.  The presence of Kobi has inspired him to run harder just as Vasu inspires Kobi

Vasu has 1541 miles

With Alexei

He leads Kobi by 30 miles

Vasu gets mail


Bashata counting

Kobi did 63 miles

Kobi has 1511 miles.  Every morning he thanks the singers for coming out to inspire the runners.

Kobi is doing very very well

Oskar has just come back with some frozen treats


Just passing through

Sopan did 62 miles

In the footsteps

He now has 1330 miles

Sopan is 19 miles above the magic number


Surasa did 61 miles

She now has 1327 miles

With Vishvarupani


Sahishnu updates the board

Ushika did 60 miles

He now has 1318 miles.  With Max and Sopan

He is 7 miles above the magic number


Max is ready

Smarana did 43 miles

He now has 1315 miles

Very close to the magic number


William did 62 miles

William has 1288 miles

Tim is helping out this week

Telling another great joke


Alan still on the job

Ananda-Lahari did 45 milees

He now has 1271 miles on Day 23

He really enjoys the race


Keeping everything clean

Kaneenika did 58 miles

She now has 1265 miles

So happy

With Lotika

A true inspiration




“Listen I don’t mind small pastries, but where is my coffee?”

Poem of the Day read by Bashata

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Enthusiasm Awakeners

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In the inner world,
Anything that is inspiring,
Illumining and fulfilling
Is very simple.

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    We will miss Yolanda, but blisters are blisters. Good luck to everyone else. Guru be with you.

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