Day 22… My Dream (July 8)

There are many many moments during this long hard race that I will have a conversation that I find to be unbelievable.  I am perplexed that an exhausted runner, who is in pain says something so beautiful and so positive my mind has a difficult time of taking it all in.

At the same time, with even just a speck of my heart’s oneness with them, I know that what they are saying is true.  It is coming from a clear bright place deep within them.  They have just spoken a powerful and pure inspiration.

One that does not just touch me alone for it is an expression that is meant for the greater world as well.  A truth that spreads out and in some indefinable way and enters into the consciousness of  the outer world.  Conveying a clear message of promise and hope.  One that demonstrates to all of us, that we can all be better people and continue to perfect the world around us.

Today Kaneenika inspired me in just this way.  In pain, exhausted, and about 45 miles behind the pace, she is not just smiling she is beaming with happiness.

“I feel quite strong.  It is just that my feet are not strong enough to perform what I would like to perform.  Actually my pain is subsiding. That is good news.”

Kaneenika says that despite some physical issues she feels happy.   “I am definitely determined.  It is there all the time.”

“What I am observing is that my miles are not what they should be to finish the race.  But just the same I feel that the more the race is happening.  The more I want to continue.”

“Before the race Dipali was doing interviews.  She asked each runner what dream they had for this race.  I said my dream was to stay happy and to please my Guru.  I think that is a huge task.  So I have to stick to it.”

Kaneenika says that at times she may come up a little short of this goal.  Particularly when, “I am in so much pain and not doing the miles.  There are moments when I feel desperate.  But that is the moment when I ask for help from within…..from above.”

“I think every time I do this help comes.  It comes in different forms.  It is either somebody giving me a tip on how to do something.  Or I just find it inside me.”

The Board at the start of Day 22 *(Please note totals may not have been updated)  Magic number is 1,251 miles

Quiet Sunday morning

Yolanda takes her daily picture of the board

Kobi’s table

Today’s race sponsor is Aparajita

Kaneenika arrives

Vajra and Kobi

Surasa comforts Yolanda

Garima speaks with William

Bhashwar is taking pictures this morning

Kannenika ties her shoes

Vasu arrives

The girls

Surasa meditates

Start Day 22

A perfect Sunday morning

Vasu did 68 miles

He now has 1472 miles

He leads Kobi by 24 miles

Daily poem Vasu


Kobi did 66 miles

He starts the day with 1448 miles

A little crowded on the course around noon

Team Kobi

Late in the afternoon he makes a new Israeli record


Smarana did 58 miles

He now has 1271 miles


Sopan did 60 miles

Taking a stretch

He now has 1268 miles


Surasa did 56 miles

She now has 1266 miles


Ushika did 62 miles

He now has 1257 miles


William did 61 miles

He now has 1226 miles

Tells a joke.  “What is the difference between a well dressed man on a bicycle and a scruffy man riding a unicycle. Attire.”

He and Alan are working very methodically at getting back the missing miles

Chief strategist, laundry man, heavy cream expert, Alan Young

Daily poem


Ananda-Lahari did 55 miles

He now has 1226 miles


Yolanda did 27 miles yesterday

She starts the day with 1207 miles and a real need to find out how to confront the enormous challenge in front of her.  In a facebook video she continues to inspire her followers and encourage them.  At the same time her blisters have become an alarming problem for her chances of completing the full distance.  She took most of yesterday off.

After getting extra attention in medical she decides to take some time off.  She tells me that her word for the day is ferocity.


Kaneenika did 54 miles

Taking a short break

She now has 1206 miles

Kaneenika and Lotika





Custom decorated eggs

Day 22

“Just remember if you can’t fly you run.  If you can’t run then you walk.  Then if you don’t feel like walking just sit and relax on the sidewalk and wait for a snack to fall off the food table.”

Weekend update with Sahishnu

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Poem of the Day read by Kamaneeya

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Poem Kamaneeya

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Two dreams are running together:
The transformation-dream
Of man’s life
And the Satisfaction-Dream
Of God’s Heart.

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    I loved everything about today’s video… The music, the interview, Kaneenika’s divine attitude, the summary at the end. Just thank you!!!

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