Day 24… Opened Many Doors (July 10)

There are many people over the years who have made significant contributions to the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team races.  Who have worked behind the scenes to make sure that all the runners are served in the best possible way and are able to have a positive experience. The team simply would not be able to function without the selfless service of many.  Vajra is just one of those such people.  His dedication and commitment to the multi day races is extraordinary.

Here at the 3100 mile race he has been one of the early set up people since the very first race.  Up before dawn and patroling the course and collecting trash in very large garbage bags.  He is always smiling, always gracious, and willing to do just about anything that needs to be done.  In particular over the last 3 plus weeks he has massaged Kobi every morning.

What’s more he has talked to Kobi at length and made suggestions and given him tips and advice, crucial to a runner who is now plunging into a whole new world of endurance running.

As we are talking this morning I can’t help but notice he is carrying a mechanical counter in his hand.  Vajra tells me that for the past few weeks he has been chanting a mantra and uses it to keep track. He never pauses idle in his inner quest for God.

“In those early days I realized that there was something about this path that answered what I wanted to do most.  Love, with all my heart, soul, and physical God.  I found I was able to do that on this path.” Vajra says that the love evolved into something even deeper and more fulfilling.  “I want to be able to do this throughout my spiritual life.”

Vajra describes how often we are required to do things that outwardly we may not at the time appreciate.  It is only later that we realize the positive affect these actions will yield surprising results.  “You will end up finding something that helps you in every way.”

He says being part of the races has, “opened up many doorways.   It has made me realize that for every challenge that has been presented to me.  I have overcome them and in turn become a better person.  It’s a big thing in this life.”

“Not only to be a better person but also to become what your creator wanted you to be.”

“I wake up in the morning with this tremendous inner urge to start the day.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  It makes you feel like your life has significance, and you are doing what you are here to do.  What the creator has asked you to do.  You can’t beat that.”

The Board at the start of Day 24 *please note totals may have not been update…….magic number is 1,370.8*

Alternate side parking

Empty tables

It is going to be hot

William and Tim come

William had a tough day yesterday

Rupantar checking the mileage

Vajra works on Kobi


The girls

Vasu and laundry drop off

The boys

Nearly time


Start Day 24

The day will become much hotter

Vasu did 69 miles

He now has 1610 miles

He leads Kobi by 32 miles



Kobi did 66 miles

Kobi has 1578 miles

Doing very well

With Oscar

A great race



Sopan did 60 miles

He now has 1391 miles

Doing very well


Web cam

Surasa did 60 miles

She now has 1388 miles

With Vishvarupani

Great runner


Ushika did 61 miles

He now has 1379 miles



Telling a joke

Smarana did 60 miles

He now has 1375 miles

Running with Ushika


William did 53 miles

Vajra and Tim

He now has 1341 miles

Getting a hat from Tim

Telling a joke



Kaneenika did 60 miles

She now has 1325 miles

With Lotika


Ananda-Lahari did 48 miles

He now has 1319 miles

Day 24



“Is there anything nicer than having a comfortable seat on a park bench on a sunny day?”

Morning snack


Poem of the Day read by Vajra

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Enthusiasm Awakeners

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6 Comments to “Day 24… Opened Many Doors (July 10)”

  1. Kuladhara says:

    Especially thank you for this one! Great job, thanks a million!

  2. Rakshini says:

    Every morning I am looking forward to read your blog and every morning I get tremendous joy.
    You are doing an extrarordinary good job. Very inspiring!

  3. Jadranka says:

    Thanks Utpal!
    Vajra is really somebody who ALWAYS servers in every possible way. He is the one who is opening the Aspiration Ground every morning, even before 5 am, very often at 4, as he says, there are so many Europeans who can not sleep because of jet leg and are waiting for the door to be opened.

    I must comment Utpal’s choice of aphorisms, they perfectly describe the essence of the interviews. Thanks again.

    It’s a pity that Yolanda had to leave the Race, great athlete and great person, too.

  4. Doris says:

    I may reecho Jadranka’s words. I know Vajra serving, serving. He has so many friends in the world, he may call you by a different name, but I am happy to be called Patricia by him at times.

    Yes, and very sorry for Yolanda too. She may enjoy some rest, though.

    …and always nice music and comments, Utpal!

  5. Parvati says:

    Thank you, Utpal for interviewing Vajra. He is a personal hero of mine.

    May we all aspire in such a consistently loving, selfless, devotional and dedicated way as Vajra has done for nearly 50 years on Sri Chinmoy’s Path. Imagine what a beautiful world this would be!

  6. Akbota says:

    While watching this video I had a feeling of flying on the plane above Jamaica I really wanted to land at that sacred ground as fast as possible. Thank you, Utpal! Amazing Grace song is perfect fit for this interview. Vajra is a great example for many people.

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