Day 21…Step By Step (July 7)

“Not easy in the morning but everything good, very good.”  There are many days when I wish I could emulate Vasu’s unblinking optimism and devotion.  Here now running for the past 20 days I have never heard one bad word or even a hint of a negative expression.

He starts the day having already run 1404 miles.  A distance that would have taken him all the way from his home in St Petersburg to Southern France.  Mornings though take a while for him to get going as he would like.

“The day is good, everything very good.  Something inside has to wake up and then push me a little bit.  Step by step I need to increase my speed.”

“In my case I try to pray and meditate in the morning and it gives me some energy to increase my speed.  In the morning it is not so easy.  But after the Enthusiasm Awakeners come and they sing.  It helps me a lot.  Steadily I increase my speed.  I do meditation that also helps me.”

Vasu says that his routine also includes reciting the daily prayer that is delivered to the course each day.  After which he listens to recordings of Sri Chinmoy’s music.  “When I listen to music my mind relaxes and I do not lose energy. I can run then step by step better and better.” He also visualizes his spiritual teacher singing within his heart.

“During the day I also try and speak with other runners.  We inspire each other to continue.”  This routine he continues he says almost all day.

When asked if every day is good.  Every day is a good day.  “God makes for us each day and we should be grateful to him for that day.”

The board at the start of Day 21 …. the magic number is 1192   (Note the totals may not be up to date)

Aharan setting out yogurt

A cool morning

Yolanda arrives

Kobi’s massage

Messages for Ushika

Generator problems

Surasa arrives

William at his table

Yolanda takes a picture

Kaneenika comes



Smarana works on shoes

Ananda Fuara restaurant is the days sponsor.   Garima takes a picture

Vajra leaves

Putting on shoes


Nearly time

A few precious moments

Start Day 21

The day could not be better

Vasu ran 67 miles

He now has 1404

Vasu leads Kobi by 22 miles


Alexei cleaning Vasu’s insoles

Kobi ran 65 miles

He now has 1382 miles

Oscar and friend

The legs

On day 21


The children’s fountain

Smarana did 57 miles

Emails of support.

Smarana has 1213 miles



Surasa did 58 miles

Surasa has 1209 miles

Running well

With Vishvarupani


Sopan did 63 miles

He now has 1208 miles

Shoe laces



Ushika ran 61 miles

He has 1194.  2 miles above the magic number

With Max



Yolanda did 60 miles

She has 1179 miles

With helper Laila

Cute dog alert

Looking strong


Ananda-Lahari did 42 miles

He now has 1170 miles


William did 63 miles

He now has 1164 miles

Speaking with his helper Alan they are trying to recover the miles gradually.  But he is taking advantage of the much cooler weather

Coming through camp

Telling a joke


Kaneenika did 52 miles

She now has 1152 miles

Encouragement from Dipali


Aharan handing out the daily poem

“Remember, just watch the race and not the snacks.”

Sahishnu updates the board

Rachel is visiting from Virginia and is checking out the race

Poem of the day read by Karunamaya

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Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Step by step,
I am leaving my old, unaspiring self
Far behind me.

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  1. kaushalya casey says:

    Another great report with priceless advice which anyone can keep in the mind and heart. Thank you Vasu.Thank you, Utpal. Praise to the weather gods!

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