Day 16… Help Each Other (July 2)

To call the 3100 mile race just an endurance competition would be an understatement.  Certainly each runner athlete is trying to achieve an almost impossible goal.  There is also the camaraderie and the bond that builds and exists between this very tight community of runners.  One which is all about support for one another and the collective good of the entire running family.

Ananda-Lahari tells me a story of how Vasu went out of his way the other day to encourage him when he was only able to walk.  He told Ananda-Lahari about one of his own difficult experiences from a few years earlier.  He had been promised a massage and that when he went for it another runner was being helped instead.

Disappointed at missing the massage he instead kept going but was so bothered he found himself developing knee pain.  Which ultimately put him into an even darker place.  Some friends heard about his difficulties and came to the race immediately with an mp3 player and suggested he listen to music and picture himself running on soft trails in some far off Alpine meadow.

Vasu realized that his problems had escalated because he had imposed them on himself.  By telling Ananda-Lahari his own story of woe he was hopeful that it would inspire him to find a way out of his own slump.  Ananda-Lahari said that it helped him immensely.  It was friendly and loving advice from someone who knew intimately how barriers can suddenly arise in front of us which are at least in some small way self imposed.

Ananda-Lahari saw this in this selfless act of kindness the perfect inspiration at a time when he needed it most.  It eventually changed everything for him.  Very soon he was running again.  This is not an unusual story from the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race.   For it is a place of miracles and where true self giving is happening at every moment.

The Board at the start of Day 16

It will be another hot day

The good news is that later in the week the heat will taper off


A truck comes every couple of days to clean the toilets.  Vajra always goes out of his way to give the driver some snacks.

Yolanda arrives early

Paramartha readying the clipboards

Kobi getting a massage

Surasa comes

Smarana checking out the run sheet


Final preparations

Ushika comes


Waking up

Standing up

Yolanda stretches

Vasu arrives

A golden moment

Start Day 16

Dipali’s race tips

The day gradually grows hotter

It is an incredibly close competition between Vasu and Kobi

Vasu did 66 miles yesterday

He starts the day with 1068 miles.  One mile more than Kobi

Vasu is very experienced with the 3100 mile race


Alexei working on Vasu’s shoes

Kobi did 60 miles

He now has 1067 miles

Oscar is doing an incredible job leading Kobi’s support team

A very interesting race

With runners giving their all


Smarana did 55 miles

He now has 939 miles

Walking with Sopan

Flower with Bee and with runner

Surasa did 53 miles

She now has 921 miles

The extreme weather is affecting all the runners performances


Oscar making ice bags for Kobi

Sopan did 60 miles

He now has 900 miles

With Smarana

Green branch

Ushika did 57 miles

Ushika has 897 miles

He is doing very well


Yolanda did 56 miles

She has 891 miles

Lailai  is helping her today


Lailai making ice bags for Yolanda

Kaneenika did 59 miles

She has 887 miles

Bahula working on a foot issue

With Dipali

Some more foot work

With Lotika


William had 33 miles

He now has 868 miles

The heat has been  real issue for him

He wears the towel on his shoulders to try and stay cool

Alan puts ice in his hat

Green leaves

Ananda-Lahari did 64 miles his best in the past 11 days

He now has 867 miles




“My online review of this pastry shop will say that the baked goods were adequate but the ambience was less than stellar.”

Camp with Rupantar and Dipali

Part of the cooking team

Fresh shipment of ice delivered by Bipin

The Poem of the day read by Kanala

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Poem Kanala

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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The outer run
And the inner run
Are two complementary souls.
They help each other

Sri Chinmoy, My Race-Prayers, part 2, Agni Press, 2006

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