Day 17… Every Day Is Grace (July 3)

“I don’t want to think of the days to come or the days that have passed.”  This morning as I am running with Sopan he is literally living almost entirely in the moment.  A state that most of us aspire for at least at some point in our days but one that rarely happens to most of us and in particular to inquisitive journalists.

“The way it works here is that you need to focus on every day.  You cannot think about yesterday or the day before.  It is not good to use the mind too much.” (laughs)

Sopan proceeds to describe the incredibly difficult conditions that the runners have all had to endure over much of the past week.  “Four days of back to back heat wave.  It was pretty intense.  You can only focus on the moment of being here.”

“Every day becomes grace.  You have no idea what will happen tomorrow.”

The board at the start of Day 17 (Please note it was not updated)

Paramartha readying the scoring tables

Yolanda’s table

Yolanda arrives

Still quiet

William arrives

Vajra works on Kobi

Rupantar checks the daily results

Staying hydrated


Ushika and Smarana

Vajra leaves for the day



Lailai is helping Yolanda

Start Day 17

It is a very humid morning

Vasu ran 66 miles.  There is a real competition between him and Kobi

Vasu leads the race with 1135 miles

Alexei his helper

Vasu gets inspiring emails from friends every day


Kobi did 62 miles

He starts the day with 1129 miles, just 6 miles back

This morning he received 10 emails


Smarana did 64 miles

Smarana has 1003 miles

He is doing very well


Surasa did 56 miles

She has 977 miles


Receiving emails


Sopan did 61 miles

He now has 962 miles


Ushika had 60 miles

He has 958 miles which is right on pace to complete the race

With Max

Telling a joke


Max checking on the poem for the day

Ananda-Lahari ran a phenomenal 80 miles.  He says he was inspired the night before to try it.

He has 947 miles


Aharan showing how to break the ice

Yolanda did 54 miles

She has 946 miles

The Quijada family en route to Europe from Southern California dropped by to support Yolanda.  They had a few hours at Kennedy airport and though they have never met before they have been following Yolanda’s efforts here at the race.


Kaneenika did 54 miles

Getting some foot work done by Bahula the great

Kaneenika has 941 miles


William did 54 miles.

Ironically William ended Day 16 with precisely the same mileage he had 4 years ago. He has 923 miles

Alan tells me of this strange coincidence but also is confident that with the weather gradually cooling William will be able to get the miles back


One of a helper’s many jobs

“Wake me when dinner comes

Rupantar greeting Dustin Martin a Navajo runner from New Mexico featured in Sanjay’s upcoming documentary



“I keep telling you.  It is easier when you use 4 feet to run instead of 2”

Poem of the day read by Anjali

Click to Play:

poem anjali

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Click to Play:


At every moment
Grace is descending from Above.
Those who are aware of it
Make unimaginable progress
In the spiritual life.

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  1. Doris says:

    I hope so much that William will get the miles back.

  2. Sushuti says:

    thank you Utpal for all the marvellous work and and all your efforts you put into this project. and thank you for poems – they always fit so well!

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