Day 15… Soul’s Happiness (July 1)

Harita’s performance at the 3100 mile race last year was a great achievement, one that no doubt surprised her but not so much to those who could not help but see her tireless enthusiasm and energy over the course of the long hot summer.   For a first timer to complete the distance is a big deal.  But also for one who had so few multi day races on her resume it was even more astonishing.

She has been out on the road crossing America with the Peace Run but has taken a break and is home in New York for a couple of weeks. She has come out every morning to enjoy the race from the sidelines this time.

“It is a really special place and to be honest and cannot believe that I did this race, because it is just so unfathomable.  I don’t how you can have the capacity to run every day for 52 days.”

“I really did it because I had an inner calling that did not just develop overnight.  I had a feeling for many years that perhaps one day I would do it but I felt it was not going to happen until I really felt I would be happy doing it.  When that happened it would be the right time.”

Harita described that as years passed it occurred to her that she might never do the race and then, ” 2 years ago I had such an inner feeling that Sri Chinmoy would be happy if I did the race, and that my own soul would be happy.  It felt like it was the right time.  It was such an inspiration.  That’s what made me do it.”

I confess to Harita that I did not recall ever taking a picture of her when she was not seeming to enjoy herself.  “That happiness was coming from my soul.  That is the only way that I can explain it.  I guess I really learned a lot of things during the race.”

“One thing I learned is that we have these different parts of our being which we know.  But if the soul can be happy.  You might necessarily feel happy in your mind, your body might be suffering.  But the soul’s happiness overrides everything.”

“A lot of the time I didn’t feel consciously as though I were happy.  But when I look back at photos of myself from the race I look so happy.  That is amazing.”

“I really imagine that I will come back again next year.  Sri Chinmoy is the founder of this race and I can’t imagine that he would think that once was enough for me.”

The board at the start of Day 15

It is going to be a seriously hot day

It will remain hot all week

Sill early

Tables waiting

Vajra helps Kobi with a skin irritation

Surasa arrives

William drinking water early

Paramartha bringing out the clip boards

Yolanda posting a picture of the board

Max helping Ushika

Rupantar hands out large coconut water to all the runners to help with the heat

Kobi getting a massage

The girls

Start Day 15

The sky at first is slightly hazzy

Kobi had a good day yesterday


Photo by Oscar

Kobi not only completes a personal best by 33 hours he also sets a new national record for Israel.

He ran 63 miles yesterday

Getting help from Amir and Cris

In one unusual story he longed to have a cookie that is popular back home.  Amir heard about it and tracked down a store that sold them.  Kobi was very happy

Kobi is having a phenomenal race


Vasu ran the most miles yesterday 69

He finished the day with 1001 miles.  It is his second fastest time for the distance

Vasu starts the day just 5 miles behind Kobi

His helper Alexei

Cleaning shoes


Smarana had 57 miles

He now has 884 miles

He is running very well


Surasa did 57 miles

She now has 867 miles

Keeping cool

Being encouraged

By the handball courts

With Vishvarupani


Sopan did 60 miles

He has 839 miles

Sopan is having a good race


Ushika did 60 miles

He now has 839 miles

With helper Max

Max with special Chi drink

Green leaves

Yolanda did 58 miles

She now has 835 miles


Charita helping Yolanda


William did better in the heat yesterday and completed 55 miles

With Alan

Alan says that a group of Scottish school kids named the Puffin Muffin

He now has 834 miles


Kaneenika did 59 miles

She has 827 miles

With helper Martina

Chatting with Dipali

Helpers take a break


Ananda-Lahari did 59 miles

He now has 802 miles

Having an ice cream

Coming through camp

Lailai and Jumagul



The morning snacks

“Even though the pastries overall here are not great their Boston Creme is to die for.”

Sahishnu’s Weekend Wrapup

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Magdalena reads the Daily Poem

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Poem Magdalena

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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The mind chases happiness.
The heart creates happiness.
The soul is happiness
And it spreads happiness

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  1. Purnakama says:

    Wow! These incredible heroes running through this heat! I’m in Waterloo Canada visiting family where it is equally as hot and I’m reluctant to go out and do 2 miles. So, after this incredible inspiration, out the door I go; heat or no heat!
    Thanks for the continued updates! I’m thrilled that everyone is doing so well!

  2. Parvati says:

    Great interview with Harita. What a bright and delightful person. May she ALWAYS have the happiness she so deserves and treasures. Thanks, Utpal!

  3. Salil says:

    Utpal – you deserve a medal. Such high quality and inspiring content each day – plus new innovations. I love the numbering. Very creative.

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