Day 10…Closer To My Soul (June 26)

Coming back to the race this year for the 4th year in a row Kannenika has a hard act to follow.  Last year she set a new women’s record for the distance at 48 days and 14 hours.  She broke the previous record set by Surasa by 17 hours.   At age 48 she could easily have retired with her phenomenal record.

That of course is not what thr self transcendence 3100 mile race is all about, nor is it in the heart of Kaneenika not to keep trying to transcend challenges with every effort of her being.   It is not for nothing that she just so happens to be wearing a shirt today that has lettered across its front, Never Give Up.  When asked whether she struggled to make up her mind to come she replies, “It was the clearest decision in years.”

Of course that is not say that little doubts didn’t nibble around the edges as the race drew near.  “I feel those moments.”

After 9 days of running she has accumulated 535 miles.  When asked if she has got into the flow of things just yet she laughs and suggests it will take as much as another week to toughen herself to the hard concrete sidewalk.  She says however that recovery from the race last year was not too bad.  “I think it was my best recovery.”

Her training over the past year she says was interrupted by illness now and then.

Asked about setting the course record she humbly replies, “I don’t think that it was me who broke the record.  I don’t claim it.  It was given to me.”

She says the most important result of taking part in these incredibly difficult endurance races is, “I feel that I am getting closer to my soul.  Closer towards what my soul wants me to do, or what my soul wants me to become.  This is the way for me to make spiritual progress.”

“When it is hard it forces you to go within and ask for help.  This is the opportunity to rely more on your inner source.”

The board at the start of Day 10


Kobi and Yolanda share a selfie

Paramartha readies the tables

It is still early

Quiet still

Kobi talks to Vajra about his tight back

Kaneenika arrives

Jumagul is counting

Surasa is here

Yolanda’s head stand

Kobi gets a massage


Resting feet

Vasu is here

Miles of smiles

Nearly time on a cool morning

Start Day 10

A perfect morning

Kobi once again had the most miles with 71

He now has 672

He leads Vasu by 8 miles


Kobi’s new helper

Vasu did 66 miles his first day under 70

Changing shoes

He now has 664 miles

Green leaves

Smarana had 62 miles

He now has 575 miles

Still early in the day

Running well

On day 10


Surasa did 62 miles

She now has 564 miles

Enjoying the race with Vishvarupani


Getting ready

William did 61 miles

He has 554 miles

His joke, “I am having a hard time learning the alphabet.  I can only remember 25 letters. I can’t get the last one and I don’t know Y.”

With the greatest handler in the world, Alan Young.


Sopan did 46 miles

He now has 540 miles


Yolanda did 62 miles

She now has 540 miles

Changing shoes

With a great great helper BJ

Doing very well


Kaneenika did 55 miles

Getting the once over by nurse Bahula

Enthusiasm Awakeners



Ananda-Lahari did 54 miles

He now has 535 miles


Ushika did 60 miles

He now has 531 miles

With helper Patanga




Higmanshu describing the details of shoe repair



Sahishnu at the control panel

Poem of the Day read by Paramartha

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Poem paramartha

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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With a happy speed
I run and run,
To cheerfully feed
My human race,
To transform
My human face,
To begin
A new journey’s course,
To salute
The sunlit Source.

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  1. Parvati says:

    I laughed through much of the video — the unique challenges of this race being done in NYC are so “eloquently” audible. Not only are the runners self-transcendence warriors — but urban warriors as well! The runners’ attitudes are a great reminder to just go with the flow, focus on your own journey and not allow anything external to you.

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