Day 9…Decision of the Soul (June 25)

Smarana’s story is unique in the now 22 year history of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race.   He is 47, but started his multi day running career a long time ago.  The 3100 mile race was the perfect distance event for him.  He was so motivated by the race that he came 7 times and completed the race each time.  2007 was his fastest timing, done in 48 days and 4 hours.   He came again the following year in 2008 and though he made the distance he struggled.

9 years pass and a now 46 year old Smarana shows up at the starting line last year.  He had health issues early on and struggled for a long long patch.  “Last year was a very very very very very special race.  I am very grateful for the experience.”  His affection and respect for the 3100 was so strong he says that in any other event he would have given up and not continued running.  Instead he stayed and ran the best he could for the complete 52 days.

“It was very rewarding on the inner world.  It is very transforming for your ego and many different levels of your being.”

When I gently ask whether or not the decision to come again this year was a hard one he immediately says, “It is more a decision of the soul.  I hear the knocking deep within and I just follow it.  It is not a difficult thing to follow when I have the feeling that it is the right thing to do. ”

Smarana says that after coming back from the race last year he was amazed at all the transformation that had taken place within him.  “What I had gone through I had made a new step and that is why I am coming back here.  This is my main motivation to come here.”

Smarana quoted one of the great multi day race veterans from a bygone era, Al Howie.   “Every time I come to one of the Sri Chinmoy races I leave as a better person.”  He says it happens in particular in this race.  “It is so long.  There is no way you cannot change.”

The board at the start of Day 9

Aharan working

It is going to be a great day

The clock

Yolanda arives


Kobi discusses his back issues with Vajra

Rupantar readies for his daily video


Vajra works on Kobi

Kaneenika staying warm

Things to do

Ushika arrives

The boys

Ready to go

Dipali’s Race Tips

Start Day 9

A great morning

Kobi still leads the field with 601 miles

He ran 70 miles yesterday

Today he has a new helper

Kobi stops briefly when he reaches 1000 km.   He tells the photographers that the race is closer than what the board shows.   Vasu’s number had not been updated.

A tremendous effort


Vasu did 72 miles yesterday

Vasu has 597 miles

It is a great competition between the 2 champions


Alexei with Vasu’s shoes

Smarana did 62 miles.  He has 513 miles


Magdalena counting

Surasa did 62 miles

She has 502 miles


Sopan did 54 miles

He now has 493 miles


Running well


William did 60 miles

He has 493 miles

For some reason William thinks he is being followed by a spotted dog

Doing very well


Alan asking Alan if he has actually seen a spotted dog

Ananda-Lahari did 50 miles

He now has 480 miles


Kaneenika did 57 miles

With her crew

She now has 480 miles

An amazing athlete


Green leaves

Yolanda did an incredible 65 miles

She has 477 miles

With Dipali


Ushika did 59 miles

Patanga is helping him for a couple of weeks

He has 470 miles




Nirjharini and a contingent of cooks

Pushkar counting

Aharan reads the Daily Prayer

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Poem Aharan

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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My Inner Pilot
Makes all the decisions
Of my outer life.

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  1. Abhinabha says:

    Beautiful video, Utpal! I can definitely feel the energy all the way across the Atlantic. Gratitude.

  2. kaushalya casey says:

    Such a thrill to see so many who have responded to the call for self=transcendence!Keeps us all on the road, on the trail. So grateful!

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