Day 11…This is Paradise (June 27)

“I feel good, very good.”  Vasu says this with his usual smile and ever cheerful enthusiasm.  Put into perspective one should also note that over the past 10 days he has been running 18 hours a day, had little sleep, and had knee pain (the only one we know of).   Also he  has done nothing but run around this same block for the past 6 summers accumulating to date, a little over 19,000 miles here. Truth be told he is grateful for the opportunity and can think of nothing he would rather do.

In this his 7th year at the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race, when asked if he is happy he says, “of course.  Everybody is happy to be here.  It is paradise.”

Last year Vasu won the race in 46 days but his best time to date has been his race in 2015 in which he came in 3rd place with a time of 44 days.  This year he is in close competition with Kobi, who starts the day just 10 miles in front of him.  Vasu sincerely feels that presence of Kobi in the race is an inspiration in order to help him transcend himself.

“Sometimes it is very hard but inside it is very very happy, and very inspired.  All the best people are here.”  In this he refers to, not just the other runners but also all those who contribute to the race in any way.

Vasu says that his friend Igor who ran the 3100 in 2011 first talked to him about the race over the course of 2 hours and inspired him to come himself in 2012. Igor told him he would gain inner and outer purity.

He thinks that by taking part in the race he is in a unique way serving the evolution of humanity and the universe.

The board at the start of Day 11

The camp is quiet

Kobi getting an early adjustment and advised to stretch more

Getting the table ready

Paramartha setting out the clipboards

Rupantar doing his daily video

Yolanda discussing placement on the board.  William is on the bottom left scoreboard with 618 and Yolanda is on the top of the right scoreboard with 602

Ushika proudly points out the sponsor of the race today, The Heart of Joy.”

Yolanda just finishing her headstand, which was perfect

William has a yogurt every morning

The girls

Rupantar checking on the morning counters

The boys

The start of Day 11

It is once again an almost perfect day to run

Kobi ran 70 miles

He has 743 miles

This morning his helper is Chris

He is talented and tenacious

Going strong on Day 11

There are many more days to come

Jumagul and Lailai


Vasu ran 69 miles

Vasu has 733 miles

Vasu starts the day 10 miles behind Kobi

Larisa showing him some healing leaves she has picked for him


Smarana did 64 miles

Smarana has 640 miles


Surasa did 62 miles

Surasa has 627 miles



William did 63 miles

William has 618 miles

With the help of the great Alan Young

Alan also taking care of a small menagerie of Orkney creatures living on the fence


Yolanda did 62 miles

She has 602 miles

BJ has helped her out once again



Sopan did 54 miles

He now has 595 miles

Received a copy of a very nice email from Patricia.  She has been here in the past to see the race first hand and so enjoys keeping track of the race when she is not here.  Her mother has been visiting her and is getting tremendous inspiration from following the race on line, even though she doesn’t speak English.

She even started running one day after watching an interview with Sopan.  Little stories like these, coming from afar, also encourage people just like me on the sidelines.   Thank You.

Green leaves

Ushika did 61 miles

Going through camp

He has 592 miles

Having a issue with his shoes wearing out after one day of use.  Aharan has placed screws in the heel to help save the tread.

Patanga helping out



Kaneenika did 55 miles

She has 591 miles

Doing stretches

With her helper

Green leaves

Ananda Lahari did 52 miles

He has 587 miles



Green leaves

Sahishnu getting ready to update the boards

Daily poem read by Mahatapa

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Poem Mahatapa

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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In Heaven,
We see Paradise.
On earth,
We make Paradise.

2 Comments to “Day 11…This is Paradise (June 27)”

  1. kaushalya casey says:

    Love that aphorism, about Paradise. You are all making Paradise, and we are seeing it, and also trying to make it.

  2. Parvati says:

    “When the seeker prays and meditates, he enters into paradise. When his mind is calm and quiet, when his mind is tranquillity’s flood, his heart becomes all-giving and his life becomes Divinity’s Reality. Paradise is not a place; it is a state of consciousness. When we free our mind from the meshes of ignorance, when we liberate our existence from the mire of earth, we see, feel and grow into paradise.”
    — Sri Chinmoy (excerpt from “Fifty Freedom-Boats to one Golden Shore, Part 3”, Agni Press, 1974)

    “Paradise is not a place; it is a state of consciousness.” — Sri Chinmoy

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