April 25 Six and Ten Day Race… Eternity’s Road

It has been a wet and windy day in Flushing Meadow

John Geesler continues to lead in the 6 day race after 4 days with 279

Sylvie is 2nd overall with 248

Nataliya leads the 10 day women with 495


Ilvaka is 2nd with 489

Yes it is great weather for ducks but they need to stay in the lake

10 Day Board

6 Day Board

Susan has had a few bumps in her road

She now has 427


Winds tore down the banner

Budjargal has 661

Petra has 233 and today is her birthday

Zoey 315

Andrei with 352


Alex with 480

Anna 178

Pawel 576

Yuri 608

Vasuprada 276

Vucasin 227

“Follow me”

Vera 227

Getting muddy

Zuzka 214

Vaibhava 321 Padyatra 162


Suranyu with 170

Upakarala 480



Suparana 361

For a while the power was done at the camp

Sergey K 400

Anna 332

Once flower

Kitchen temporarily without electricity

Arun 377


Ashadeep 337


Ashirvad 359 Sandro 306

Bandhavi says that counting at the race is rabbit forming

The great Don Winkley

Elena 386


Irina with a new message

Fred Davis 264



Kate with 206


by the lake


Not so fun job

Roger 224

Rajpal fixed the electrical problem

Priyavadin 235

Pedrag 456


Odgiiv 331

Milan 446



Mark and Don

Makula 215

Mario and Zulma

“I am not one to complain, but I would like my park back, just as it was but with more nuts.”

Mahasatya 241

Laila 402

Karteek 408


Gudrun 336 Manuela 288

Giribhu 392

George with 444

Finish line

O pilgrims of Eternity’s road,
You I admire,
You I love,
You I treasure.
For in you I see promise
Of Infinity’s measureless measure.


2 thoughts on “April 25 Six and Ten Day Race… Eternity’s Road”

  1. Go go Nicu Buceanu! Very proud of you! Great, great job!
    Thank you very much for videos and photos.

  2. Thanks for the board Utpal, it is so inspiring to see new generation coming to the race more and more. Congratulations everybody.
    Happy Soul’s Day Petra!!

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