April 25th …Night time at the race

It is very different at the race when night falls

Shifts of counters come

For quite a few runners there is still stiff competition

The results are always available on a screen in the helpers tent

The kitchen a popular place always

A short break for some

A longer break for others

Tonight Dr. Sakshat is here

Liala getting some help

Runners sometimes are just shadows



6 Day counters

Ashprihanal and Budjargal have a real battle


Sanjay has already started on making tomorrow’s breakfast

John talking with George

Sylvie out trying to catch him

Databir has brought donuts

George goes out to do more laps while Erlinda is ready for the tent

The parking lot


At the sink

Everything hurts

When Budjargal completes 700 miles he goes to Sri Chinmoy’s picture and places an enormous arrangement of flowers

Crossing the line

No night, no stark ignorance-night.
I am inside my heart of delight.

3 thoughts on “April 25th …Night time at the race”

  1. What joy in self-transcendence! It is so contagious. and for that we are thankful, thankful. Best medicine for all that ails us. Gratitude to Utpal and to all for the daily inspiration!

  2. Thank you, for showing us one more aspect of this magnificent race – night’s concentrated silent peace. True delight.

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