April 24 Six and 10 Day Race…Satisfaction Runs Towards Me

The weather is forecast to be wet going into Tuesday night

John Geesler leads the 6 day race with 218

Everyone is enjoying the fine weather while they can

Sylvie is 2nd overall with 204

Nataliya has 434 miles and Ilvaka has 433 miles

Ashprihanal leads the 10 Day Race

A 360 view of the race

Back by popular demand

6 Day Board


Impressive performance for one who has not been here in 4 years

Ashprihanal with 604

talking with Andrea with 455

Putting best foot forward

Budjargal has 582

He loves the 10 day race

A question about salt

Break time


Yuri has 524

Zuzka 171

Nipura and kitchen crew works very hard

Zoey 281

Going to Medical

Being in first place isn’t all that it is quacked up to be

Vladislav 340

Vasuprada 246

Trouble in counting trailer 1


Vera 180

Sylvie getting help cutting her shoes

Tihomir 150

There is a good chance strudel will be on the menu tonight

Susan with 387 and walking with Karnayat


Sergey with 385

Trouble in counting trailer gets out of hand

Suranyu with 135

Sandro with 280

Lunch is ready

Suparna 322

No sitting

Sergey k with 371

Sandro has created a special currency

Alex 433

Alex getting a massage

Andrey Somov 312 Ashirvad 321

Ales 393

The time and weather brought to you by a bear with a moustache

Arun 341

Enjoying the sun

Don Winkley


Deveshu 282

George 397

Giribhu 348

Gudrun with 304



Georgs 268

Monkey business


Nayaja with 137


Sergey L with 385


Gundega with 332

Ilvaka getting help from Pati

Sergey K with 371

Joe Cleary





Kate with 160 Suranyu with 135

Laila with 362


Karteek with 358 and learning Portuguese along the way


Michel and Chantal with 154

Milan with 392

Manuela getting help from Mario she has 252


Sandro 280

Nrishata with 323

Padyatra 124


Vaibhava with 290

Nicolae 511 Pawel 528


Patanga with 313


Petra and Zuzka


Pedra 404 Vucasin 206



Petra 177


When I abandon
My expectation,
Satisfaction runs towards me.

4 thoughts on “April 24 Six and 10 Day Race…Satisfaction Runs Towards Me”

  1. Great report today. Everyone looks so happy in the photos with the blue sky and sun shiney weather! Keep on going runners!

  2. Nice to have the board back 🙂 Loving to see all the little details of life on and around the course – and to feel the great energy if it all! Best wishes to everyone!

  3. Thanks Utpal, every day I get new inspiration from the Race, energy is really high and beauty of the nature adds to the happiness of the runners and all of us.

  4. Wow Utpal, every video is a little peace art! Music, wonderful interviews, right questions, beautiful aphorisms at the end…, they are just perfect and so inspiring. And also thank you for so many pictures, its never enough 🙂

    So, so inspiring!

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