April 23 Six and Ten Day Race… Move Forward

Ashprihanal still leads in the Men’s 10 day race

He ran 84 miles yesterday and has 530 miles for 6 days a Finnish record

Ilvaka ran 61 miles yesterday and is tied for the  lead in the women’s race

Budjargal is 2nd in the men 10 day with 497

Nataliya is tied for the lead with 373 miles

4 more days to go

Click to play 360 view of the race

George Biondic talking to Joe Cleary about his new Canadian age group record for 6 days.  He broke the record by 24 miles by running 350 miles

John leads the men’s 6 day with 155

Finish line

Sylvie leads the women with 147

volodymyr getting help

Encouraging comment submitted by Hridayinee who is here in spirit

“Magnolias are considered a symbol of beauty and Perseverance. They are sooo beautiful yet so resilient, surviving extreme heat as well as unpredictable cold! Just like the runners at Flushing Meadows!”

“May the magnolias lining your 10 day course track inspire the same resilience And perseverance in your own nature and the beauty of your running. “


Ilvaca crossing the line

Zoey with 229


Vinati with 337 and Nayaja with 99

Nayaja stretching

Vladislav with 296

Putting your feet up

Vaibhava with 257 and bear foot

Taking a stretch


Dr. Mitch Proffman with home remedy

Laila has 324

Vera K with 129

By the curb


Susan taking a break

Susan has 348 miles


Sahsihnu on board

Sergey L with 261


Roger with 123

Rajpal fixing

Priyavadin with 127 Karteek with 309

Pushkar reminiscing with Don Winkley

Petra with 120


Odgiiv with 253

Pedrag with 352

Ales with 345


Andrey 308

Mario helping with Ashirvad


Andrea with 399

Alex with 380

Arun on break


Anna E with 258

Ashadeep with 269


Budjargal teaching Kate Mongolian.  She has 112

Washing clothes

Kalpa with 111

Irina 100


Jiri with 248

Flower Sergey has 323 miles

Georgs with 229

Not one of the fun jobs


The Flying Finn

Continue moving forward.
Life is, indeed,
A forward march.

4 thoughts on “April 23 Six and Ten Day Race… Move Forward”

  1. Thanks so much Utpal! Sending all my love, oneness and best wishes to all the runners in their journey of transcendence.

  2. Beautiful and more beautiful every day, just a humble suggestion, I miss board with runners – how they do the miles every day. We have two Serbian runners. All the best, runners as well as helpers!
    Your contribution, Utpal is unmeasured.

  3. Trees are blossoming and runners are blossoming like the most beautiful flowers. This race is so special and inspiring. Divine energy is so much present, I wish I was there 🙂

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