April 22 Six and Ten Day Race…Make Progress

The 10 day runners have reached the half way point in their race and the 6 day runners have spent one full day on the course

In a dramatic fashion Ashprihanal has reclaimed the lead.  He ran 86 miles yesterday after running 55 the day before.  He has 446

Nataliya took the lead in the 10 day

Ilvaka is right behind her

Sylvie is the overall leader of the 6 day with 92

John leads the men with 83

Very interesting things have been happening

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Laila with 279

Alex with Samus

Alex has 330

Ales with 302 Jiri with 211

Alexsei with 130

Andrey with 263

Andrea with 344


Arun with 268

Ashirvad with 244 Karteek with 260

Budjargal with 431


Dhirodatta with 56

Fred Davis with 192

George with Erlinda he has 288 miles.  He will set a Canadian 6 day age group record if he beats 326 miles tomorrow

Finish line

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Georgs 196

Joe with 59

Kate with 57


Laila with 279

Mahasatya with 66



Manuela 191

Mario working on Manuela’s feet

Mattali 49

Milan 289

Vajra and Ales in medical

Nayaja with 62

Number one cook Nipura

Nicolae with 389


Odgiiv with 211

On break

Pawel with 391

Crossing the line

Pratishruti with 66


Rajpal on water

Coming through the parking lot



Sergey K with 269

Susan with 304

Suranyu with 53

medical stretch

Upakaraka with 310

Vaibhava with bare feet

Vaibhava has 220


Vinaati with 283 and Zuzka with 65


Vladislav with 252

Vucasin with 148

Yuri with 374

Never give up

He makes no progress.
Because he wants to change
The Face of Reality.

He makes constant progress.
Because he surrenders
To the Heart of Reality.

3 responses to “April 22 Six and Ten Day Race…Make Progress”

  1. Thanks Utpal for the reports, every day you find a new way to make the race more interesting to follow

  2. Gratitude, dearest brother, for your different and original presentations every day.
    We feel close to the race, part of the race because of these awsome reports.
    We can experience some of the energy that these heroes are demonstrating every day, every hour, every minute.
    I can’t wait till tomorrow!

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