Day 1… Transcendence Is Perfection (June 18)

It was a foggy warm start for the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race this morning

For Harita this will be her first race

Nirbhasa is back at the race for the 2nd time.  He ran last in 2015

Nidhruvi making a last minute call

It has been 9 years for Smarana since he last ran

Harita being appreciated by Snehashila and of course mutually

Sahishnu makes final introductions

10 runners

Turning the clock back to the start of the race in 2006

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Just before start


Alan Young


Andrey, Sergey, and Smarana

Yolanda all smiles

Coming up to the counters

Going strong


Vasu taking a stretch break

Vasu running


Pushkar just finished the marathon across the street and briefly joins Smarana

Smarana’s helper

So small so green


Sergey stretching

Ray and Karnayati

Nidhruvi running with Kaneenika

Giving some attention to her feet early

With her helper


Bishwas with his dad Nayak on father’s day

Nisanga training Yuri

A few blades of grass

One of the counters

Kaneenika with Suhashinee

Jerry one of the great long time supporters of the race



Singing for the runners

A leaf



Sahishnu’s views on this years race.  When asked what he would like to see happen over the coming weeks he said he would like to see 10 finishers.

“We are doing great it is always great to see the race start.  Unlike the 10 day race when there is days and days of intense preparation. Once it starts it is unstoppable.”

“This race is also unstoppable but it is so long that you can’t think about the length of the race. I am happy that we have 10 runners this year.  We have 4 women which is the largest women’s field ever.  I suspect we will have a good race and who knows maybe a woman will win the race.  It could happen.”

“Twice last night and this morning I had a most intense meditation thinking about Guru and about the upcoming race.  It was just light, light, light everywhere.  So I am trying to feel that light as I came to the race this morning.  This was Guru’s flagship event.”  He put more emphasis on this over all the other events staged by the marathon team around the world.

“For me it is an honor and a privilege to work at Guru’s races.  Good luck to all the runners and thank all those who follow this event wherever you are.  Here we are day one, God bless.”

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Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Always I transcend and transcend.
Just by competing only with myself.

11 thoughts on “Day 1… Transcendence Is Perfection (June 18)”

  1. Thank you, Utpal!!! Through your blog the journey of 3100 have started for those who are not in NY.
    You do a wonderful job!

  2. In the video – the view from above – is this how Guru is seeing us?
    Thank you for the infinite inspiration – to all participating and creating this special kind of conciousness.

  3. Thank you for sharing this always historical race, Utpal! I get a thrill every time I read your blog.

  4. Dear Utpal, thank you for starting a new journey with new enthusiasm and eagerness to share this wonderful race with the rest of the world. It means so much. Thank you and enjoy the journey 🙂

  5. Thank you again Utpal! I will be reading every day from Winnipeg.
    I will look forward to your interviews with the runners. Always inspiring!


  6. Hi Utpal!

    Love your coverage!

    Your Brazilian reader is back to your articles, everyday until the end of 52 days – and beyond!


  7. Gratitude for the self-transcendence joy that is just beginning! Every day we can tune in to the 3100 and feel we are right there! Thank you, Utpal, thank you.

  8. May I join and thank you, Utpal. It is always the best time of the year when I follow this unique race. The every day life spoils us often with many challenges, but it is always a joy to come to this blog and get refreshed and inspired. I wish all runners the best, including helpers, cooks and organisers. Who knows, perhaps one day I will be there in person. That would be something…:)

  9. I loved being at the start of the race yesterday – Now I can continue to experience it here, even with the bird’s eye view for the first time! The two sporting fields make it look less like a concrete jungle when seen from above!

  10. Thank you Utpal for capturing and sharing again. You can see the global grid is truly connected and eagerly awaits the daily feed. We look forward to a more enriched summer. Ambarish.

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