The Day Before the Start of 3100 Mile Race 2017

At the end of the very first 3100 mile race in 1997 Sri Chinmoy the founder of the race said”

“These 3,100 miles remind us of one divine and supreme reality: we can and we must do everything at our command to transform the world of lethargy and unwillingness to be dynamic. Unwillingness we do not leave behind us. Therefore happiness remains always a far cry. Willingness to give, willingness to achieve, willingness to grow and glow should be the message of our souls. With our souls’ blessings we can and will fulfill our earthly life.”

On a cloudy Saturday afternoon the runners and their crew assembled for one last meeting before the start of the race tomorrow at 6 am

A picture of the whole group

Yolanda is running for the first time


Smarana has 7 finishes but it has been 9 years since he was last here

Kaneenika here for the 3rd year

Ananda-Lahari has a long streak of participating in the race

Harita is running for the first time

Andrey is running for the first time



Nirbhasa and Sergey


Sahishnu with some instructions





Veeraja with auyervedic gift bags for all the runners


Sri Chinmoy in an undated photo running on Jamaica high school track

“This 3,100 miles is an unprecedented journey in our world-peace-manifestation-dream. World-peace can come into existence only when we are inundated with patience and perseverance. Infinite patience we need in our inner life and perseverance we need in our outer life.”

Sri Chinmoy, Pioneer-runners of tomorrow’s world-peace-dawn, Agni Press, 1998

The outer running
Begins on the road
And ends on the road.
The inner running begins
Inside the silence-heart,
And it continues
Along Eternity’s Road.

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