April 18 ….Day 2 (When You Give Joy To Others)

The first 24 hours have passed in the 10 day race

The camp


Before the first 24 hours Budjargal got 100 miles

He is running very well and is leading the 10 day field.


“I promised you that I would come back after 10 years.”  Last year Pedja Knezevic ran the 10 race after an absence of 10 years. (69 miles for 24 hours)

“I changed my mind because I realized it was a very important race.  When I saw my people when I came home I saw how happy they were so therefore I decided to run again.”

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I as Pedja how it is possible to give joy to both yourself and others by running.  “Definitely.  That is what I saw.  Also I fell now a very big support from them.  Of course it is easier to sit home and do nothing but this is pretty hard race.”

“It is very strange to try and explain but I feel as though I am releasing something from inside of me and it is coming out.  It is joy, real pure joy.  You can’t real describe it or can you explain it.  It is coming from inside and I am really happy to be here.”

I feel that you must feel very deeply what you are doing.  That is the secret.  If you know that then it is not a problem.”

“I am taking it easy, very very easy.”  Arun has 66 miles for 24 hours.  “I am not in a hurry.”

“I am not living for 10 days I am only living for today……Every day is a new day.”

“I had the feeling when I was here doing the 6 day race that this year I should do the 10.”  Albena has 63 miles for her first 24 hours.

“I was in terrible pain last year when I was walking with my friend Giribhu.  She told me don’t worry how you feel, next year do the 10 day. Definitely.”

Albena is not sure if she was joking when she said that.  When asked why she would want to increase a painful experience by 4 more days, she says, “I have absolutely no idea.” She adds that once you do the race then you become hooked. “You just have to go again.”

“Yesterday before the race started.  I was saying to myself that I wanted to go home.”  She felt overwhelmed by the immensity of the project. “Somehow, in someway I thought…I will just do it.”

“I am happy and very grateful.”  Ushika has 77 miles for the first 24 hours.

“Joy, gratitude help you to stay in the best consciousness.  If you have a good consciousness it guarantees that you will run well.”

He says that those who use just the force of their will can of course do well but they will have quite a different type of experience.

“In general I have usually experience with my family of other multi day runners that consciousness works the best.”

Great counting crews

Yuri was visiting the race this morning.  Last summer he won the 3100 mile race.

By the Grand Central


Vinati had 60 miles

It is a perfect day on the course.

Vasuprada did 51 miles and has lots of help

Fans everywhere

Won’t need these for 10 days

Nice day to take it easy in the sun

Sergey has 75 miles

Still fine tuning

Avenue of trees


Anna has 58 miles

Michel serenaded by some improvisational musicians

Sergey has 74 miles


Cooling the feet

More bubbles

Sandro has 63 miles


Richard has 56 miles


Patanga has a fresh donut and 62 miles

Oleksandr has 73 miles

Some healing tips from Dr. Mitch Proffman

Besides being a great chiropractor he is a lover of great chocolate balls.

Igor has 91 miles

Laila has 64 miles

The band played on

Michel has 54 miles

Nataliya has 75 miles

Nipura has got her terrific food ready for the hungry runners.

Kim is leading the girls with 80 miles


Bayarsaikhan with 69 miles

A break

Elena with 76 miles

Karteek with 60 miles

A little traffic

Fred Davis has 70 miles

Karnayati has 57 miles

Gundega has 74

Jiri has 74 and Pranjal is……

Jesper has 81 miles

He says he is 5 miles ahead of his target for 24 hours

When you give joy to others,
You automatically see
The multiplication of joy
For yourself.

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  1. Thank you Utpal, it is always so great to visit your site and see what is happening on our races
    All the best to the runners and helpers. Love to all

  2. Thank you Utpal for the wonderful report from the race, beautiful photos and very inspirational words from the runners.More so this year when injury prevented me to be in NY and getting ready for the start of 6 Day race. Hopefully will be there next year. Best wishes to all runners, helpers and everybody else on the race. Just to say I am so happy to see Pedja and Karteek having very good first day. Well done!

  3. It is so good to get in touch with this wonderful world again! Pure joy and happiness – thank you Utpal for bringing it to us.

  4. Thank you so much for this service. Sadly, when watching the videos, I never understand the name of the interviewee. Could you possibly enunciate the names very carefully so that we can fully appreciate the reports?

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