August 6… God Has A Plan

Be good and remain
good; if you want
to be a supremely
chosen child of God.

When I go to meet Vasu out on the course he is reciting the daily prayer with Stutisheel.  Saying the daily prayer is something that he has done throughout this race, and as far as I know it is something so important to him that he has done this same thing every day in all the 5 years he has run here.

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Finish Songs:

finish songs

When he repeats the prayer it is not just done once, or twice.  He will say it many many times and for many of the prayers he has memorized them.  Letting the sacred words enter so deeply into his heart that they can never be extracted. Using them as guidance for not just each day but his entire life


It is day 49.  Yesterday Vasu ran 66 miles, this morning he has just 18 miles to go.  He will finish a little after 10 this morning.  I joke with Vasu.  Since you have the whole day in front of you.  Have you made any plans


“I have no plan.  God has a plan.”

Vasu says he will be happy when he finishes.  “The race has been very very nice.  Many disciples have worked on this race.  I want to say that this is team work.”  He adds that he has been singing the song Sri Chinmoy once wrote about team work.

finish 9-1410574

Is infinitely better and happier
Than any other teamwork.

Sri Chinmoy, My song-river-heart, part 2, 1992

Vasu says that this is true.  “For me the race is too hard and too long.  For me alone it is not possible for me to do it by myself.  But if we do it together it becomes possible.  And I am grateful for everybody and for Guru. They all gave me the possibility to do this.”

He says that he will miss the race when it is over.  His answer implying that there is no doubt that he will return again.

Vasu says that even though every other year he has continually run faster he doesn’t mind that his result this year is slower.

“I try to be happy no matter what I have.”


A friend he tells me that he was surprised that he was going to come in 4th place.  Vasu says that when you attempt to run 3100 miles.  “It doesn’t matter 4th place or any other place.  I only think, can I finish the race?”

“I think it is only by the Grace of Guru that I have the possibility of doing it.  I am thankful to him and also to all his students who aspire to do it.”


At the award ceremony Vasu is very emotional.  He tells everyone that Sahishnu had told him if he couldn’t speak he could just cry. (laughs)  “This is the victory of Guru and the victory of everyone of you. Thank you.”

I ask Vasu after all these years has he been changed by the race.  He repeats this prayer.

flower vasu-1410408

Little by little I must
change my life only
in God’s own Way.

 Sri Chinmoy, My blessingful and pride-flooded dedication to the indomitable runners of the 3100-mile Self-Transcendence Race, 2007, Agni Press, 2007

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The board


A quiet Saturday morning

pre camp-1410288

Yuri once again arrives at the same time even though he has finished the race.

pre yuri-1410301

Van arrives

pre van-1410294

It is Misha’s last morning

pre misha-1410289

It will not be hot but it will be humid

pre clock-1410297

Volody will take over for Misha

pre volody-1410299

Vasu arrives for his last day of running

pre boys-1410305

The girls

pre girls-1410300

Start Day 49


The morning sun fat and heavy in the sky


All quiet on the service road

wide gc-1410404

His last day

flower vasu-1410341

Vasu savors his last 18 miles


He has run well.  He has run with courage and with heart


He is a gentle and kind soul

vasu behind-1410429

The Enthusiasm Awakeners honor him one last time

vasu enthusiasm-1410485

From above

flower vasu-1410553

“Look, Just enjoy your breakfast.  I will let you know if anybody comes.”


Yuri has joined the singers since he completed the race

enthusiasm yuri-1410417

Lena counting


A rose

flower kaneenika-1410530

Kaneenika ran 55 miles


She now has completed 2904 miles


She has just 196 more miles left to do and 4 days in which to do it.

kaneenika foot-1410388

Tall and short


Surasa ran 52 miles


She now has 2816 miles


She never stops


A true champion

surasa feet-1410403

Camp flower


“Funny, you are not the first photographer to tell me that this is my good side.”


Baladev did 45 miles


He now has 2616 miles

baladev behind-1410468

168 st

flower baldev-1410455

Lyalya rehearsing the Oneness Dream Boat shore song


A friend

bird sopan-1410353

Sopan did 44 miles


He now has 2529 miles

sopan feet-1410363

The school

flower sopan-1410415

Stutisheel did 38 miles


He now has 2441 miles


There are 4 days left

stutisheel feet-1410338

Ananda-Lahari had 42 miles


He now has 2433 miles

ananda-lahari feet-1410372

He loves the race

ananda-lahari behind-1410452

By the fence

flower ananda-lahari-1410552

Atmavir at the 2 mile race with a time of 12:41

atmavir 12-41-1410544

Across the street the runners are at a different pace


Ashprihanal with a time of 13:56

ashprihanal 13-56-1410545

Abakash and Databir

abakash databir-1410549

“It is super inspiring that is for sure.”  Kanala has been one of the fortunate ones who has been here at the race serving in different capacities nearly every day.

“I try and come in the mornings and it is not always easy to come out at 6:40 a.m.. But then the runners are already here.  What ever we do in our lives is nothing in comparison to what they are doing.”


“Also at work you can be tired and then coming back in the evening.  You may not be in the best mood and then you come here and Guru takes everything away.”

“There is just this beautiful flow.  I know everybody says this but it is actually true.  It is a divine flow of energy.  Guru’s presence is here.  So palpable.”

“Everybody is giving their best to support the runners.  Sometimes they don’t acknowledge you but they feel it and they really really appreciate it.”


“Now it is less and less runners.  I think they are becoming a little bit more lonely.  So I think they have to go within even deeper.  To their inner energy resources.  So I think it is even more important to come out and cheer the runners on and support them.”

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Sahishnu’s Speech and Vasu’s Speech

finish 7-1410571

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sahishnu plus

My Own Gratitude Heart Song

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My own gratitude heart

Later in the morning he makes plans with Yuri and Ashprihanal

finish 10-1410577

Kanala reads the Daily Poem


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Enthusiasm Awakeners


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This is my plan:
I shall serve God

This is my plan:
I shall love man

This is my plan:
I shall perfect my life

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