August 7… How Can I Stop

When I meet with Baladev this morning he has just been reading a page full of poems that Sri Chinmoy wrote on the topic of never giving up.

I ask him what that means to him and he says, “right now I am not in a talking mood.”

Instead he uses the time to read them all to me.  In a thoughtful and compelling way. Sharing with me, that when he read them moments earlier they had made him cry.


Each one a powerful message.  Each one adding another insight into humanity’s deep need, if not obligation to always continually attempt to move forward, even in the face of relentless resistance on all levels.

Baladev is an incredible example of never giving up.  This is his 8th summer here and as of last night he had completed 2664 miles.  A distance that would take him from his home town of Komjatice Slovakia all the way to Tajikistan.  With still 3 days left Baladev will accumulate well over 2700 miles.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.44.40 PM

He has worn a special shirt this morning.  One that was custom made for him a few years ago.

“On my back is ‘Never Give Up,’ and on the front is, ‘Go Forward.’

baldev behind-1410778

“When I have never give up on my back I feel as though it is pushing me to go forward, and I am between these 2 secrets. So I am moving.  How can I stop?”

flower baldev-1410615

Never give up, never give up!
Even if you lose your way
A great many times,
You must realise that your destination
Is sleeplessly expecting your arrival.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 224, Agni Press, 1995

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The board


The family is growing smaller as is the remaining time

pre camp-1410580

Voldymyr has replace Misha who had to go home

pre camp-1410583

Street lights are still on……Endless flight

pre camp-1410584

Vajra leaves

pre vajra-1410581

3 days left

pre camp-1410586

The van arrives

pre van-1410588

Baladev arrives

pre baladev-1410598

The back of Janos’s shirt

pre shirt-1410594

Ananda-Lahri locks his bike

pre ananda-lahari-1410595

Yuri continues to come

pre yuri-1410599

The girls

pre girls-1410592

Rupantar does his video

pre rupantar-1410591

Start Day 50


Baladev leads off this morning

first steps-1410603

Yuri accompanies Stutisheel

first steps-1410604

It will be another beautiful day with low humidity

wide gc-1410611

Far end

flower kaneenika-1410631

Kaneenika did the most miles yesterday, 56

kaneenika behind-1410634

She now has 2960 miles

kaneenika good-1410702

Just 140 more miles to go

kaneenika feet-1410319

She looks relaxed and happy


She will finish on Tuesday afternoon


Bunny buddy

anubha bunny-1410754

“This is the most cramped hotel room I have ever spent the night in.  No wonder there are so many vacancies.”


Surasa did 53 miles


She now has 2870 miles


She is relentless


A true champion


Atmavir with Zulma and Mario

atmavir zulma mario-1410747

“Should I work on my tan or go back to my hammock in the shade? Decisions.”


Baladev did 48 miles

baldev good-1410774

His new gps sport watch has recently been tracking his progress

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.07.49 PM

Information that shows the outer part of the story here

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.05.56 PM

The most important results cannot be measured


Service road

flower baladev-1410609

Sopan did 43 miles


He now has 2572 miles


The fence

flower sopan-1410813

Kodanda playing flute


Shadri and bear.  Just one counter now or is that two?

shadri bear-1410751

Stutisheel did 36 miles


He now has 2477 miles


He will go until the end



flower stutisheel-1410661

Its his daughter Alakananda’s birthday

stutisheel alakananda-1410742


flower ananda-lahari-1410668

Ananda-Lahari did 45 miles


He now has 2478 miles


Getting ice

ananda-lahari ice-1410757


flower ananada-lahari-1410727

Alakananda is celebrating her birthday once again at the race.  She says she remembers vividly the song that Sri Chinmoy had written for the Enthusiasm Awakeners on that day in 2007.  “It is the silver wings one.”


Last year the race was already over when her birthday came around.  “It is really nice to have it at the race.”

“You are surrounded by spiritual people.  That is always nice company to keep.  It is also the first time that my Dad is still a part of the race on my birthday.”


“Over the last 12 years he was either done by this time or the race was over.  It is just really nice to be here.”

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The Enthusiasm Awakeners have expanded in number


It now includes Yuri


Sahishnu’s weekly race wrap up


“It was Guru’s birthday in 1987.  I was running the 47 mile race and it was raining.  About 5 o’clock in the morning Guru came by in his car.  He was wondering, where are all the runners?”

“So many people had given up, but I was still running.”

“Guru then told the organizers, tell them to never give up, never give up, this is my philosophy.  I want you always to feel, never give up.”

“Of course if you are injured or sick then you should stop.  But if it is just a mental problem…, no, no.  Never give up.  That was the message.”

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flower dawn-1410608



Alakananda reads the Daily Poem


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Enthusiasm Awakeners


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God’s philosophy
Is simpler than the simplest:
“Never give up, never give up!”

flower kaneenika-1410605

One thought on “August 7… How Can I Stop”

  1. The real story of this year’s race is what Rupatar posted last night: “To keep going when a finish is hopeless must be a difficult pill to swallow. …it is intriguing for the other five to taste the emptiness of a self-imposed purgatory. Here is where their inner depth kicks in. What better time than now to show their real strength, their real fortitude, their real dedication to the highest reality. What better time than now?”

    I contemplate the activity. The pain. At the start of the day, they limp as they get going. I saw a picture of someone’s toe, practically just bone.

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