August 5… A New Goal

“Three years ago I had a dream, and in that dream I saw that the distance for this race would be longer in the future.”

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Atmavir finish

For Atmavir this morning the finish line is just 41 miles away.  When he crosses it for the 9th time late this afternoon it will be the 9th time that he has done so.  A distance, should you be so curious to know is 27,900 miles.

finish 2-1410271

He talks about how fast the race went.  Which in turn spins the perspective back onto us.   A reminder of just how challenging, fulfilling, or frivolous we all spent our past 47 days.

What accomplishments and challenges did we so gracefully and powerfully succeed in like he and all the other members of the very small 3100 mile family.

finish 3-1410278

“I am sure it was not just me that noticed this.  I am sure all the runners did and also people who are watching.”

“So I am praying for a new goal.  It is really giving me great joy.  I am a dreamer and dreamers are walking above the earth.”

“I have strong faith.  This year I felt during the race that the capacity is already there.  It is just a matter of time.  A few more years, and it will come.

finish 4-1410284

“For me this race was the best so far.  I feel that they are going up every year.  Not just outwardly but inwardly.  They are getting richer every single year.”

47 Days: 11 Hours: 32 Minutes: 00 Seconds

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Sahishnu speech

flower atmavir-1400974

To-day’s Victory

We Celebrate

Only to invoke

A new Goal

Sri Chinmoy, My blessingful and pride-flooded dedication to the indomitable runners of the 3100-mile Self-Transcendence Race, 2006, Agni Press, 2006

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The board

pre vajra-1400953

The camp grows more quiet each day now

pre camp-1400955

Kaneenika arrives

pre kaneenika-1400957

It will be a great day

PRE CLOCK-1400952

The van arrives

pre van-1400956

Vasu will finish on Saturday

pre vasu-1400964

Yuri arrives with a big bag of ……..dirty laundry?

pre yuri-1400965

The girls

pre kaneenika-1400958

The boys

pre boys-1400966

Start Day 48


A beautiful morning to run

atmavir wide gc-1400981

He ran 65 miles


Just 41 more miles to go

atmavir wide-1410031


flower atmavir-1410115

Somebody taking a well deserved rest


“Of course you may call this just a weed.  To me it is very fine stem ripened, super organic, Triple A bird food.”


Misha leaves tomorrow


By the fence

flower vasu-1410119

Vasu ran 70 miles


He starts the day with 3015 miles


Vasu will finish Saturday mornig

vasu wide-1410025

A great match

flower kaneenika-1410175

Kaneenika did 54 miles


She now has 2848 miles


She is doing very well and consistent now


Hard to see

flower surasa-1410118

Surasa did 50 miles


She now has 2764 miles


Surasa the great


Service road

flower surasa-1400978

“Now I am really really lost.  Joe said to meet him next to the 2 blue lines.  WHAT BLUE LINES ?”


Baladev did 52 miles


He now has 2571 miles


By the singers

flower sopan-1410095

Sopan did 43 miles.  He now has 2484 miles


Utsahi playing a steel drum


Service road

flower vasu-1400975

Stutisheel did 37 miles


He now has 2402 miles



flower ananda-lahari-1410189

A gathering

camp sipra-1410247

Ananda-Lahari did 41 miles


He now has 2391 miles




“Definitely a little bit of both.”  I just asked Paree whether or not she will be happy or sad.

“Everyone is extra tired, and that is not even talking about the runners.  It is actually embarrassing to say we are all tired.”

“It is always a little bit sad when you drive by later in the year and the course is all empty.”


“I always feel that it is important to come.  Always Always.”

“For us as disciples.  The most important thing for us is to feel Guru.  And so we continue to do those things that brings Guru’s presence forward.  And help make us feel that his presence is real.”

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Yuri came to sing with the Enthusiasm Awakeners



flower yuri-1410050

Yesterday Utthal took him to the beach along with Ashprihanal.  Ice cream was involved along the way.


Paree reads the Daily Poem

poem paree-1410112

Click to Play:


Enthusiasm Awakeners


Click to Play:


Just Before 6PM

Kanala changes the board

board kanala-1410267

Runners are still working


Kausal and Mario working on Stutisheel

kausal mario-1410255

The sun is lower

flower kausal-1410256

Yuri posing with Aleksei

yuri aleksei-1410266



“Is it this lap?”


4 more days of running for others

flower surasa-1410252

Every day
Set a new goal,
Even if you have failed
To reach your previous goals.

flower final-1400980

3 thoughts on “August 5… A New Goal”

  1. Dear Utpal,

    I think the bird and the two blue lines should be printed as a postcard! I could not stop laughing :D!
    It is sooo inspiring how different all the runners are! Such a variety of characters, stories, so many different aspects that one can relate to. Amazing. Last few days of the race…

    I wonder what the organisers think of a new goal :).
    Utpal, your 3100 mile journey is also coming to an end. Thank you so much for all the dedication. You are doing an excellent job :)!!!

  2. Congratulations, Atmavir! It really strikes me how unique each runner’s self-transcendence is.And we all benefit so much from the beauty and mysterious divine purpose of it all. Gratitude to everyone.

  3. Counting forms the heart of the race and accuracy is of utmost importance. With each lap, the runner should hear his name called and make visual contact with his assigned lap counter. Your race number must be worn and visible at all times . There is a new counting shift approximately every 6 hours. At shift changes, your new counter should make his responsibility known to you.

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