August 4… The Whole World Is In My Heart

It was the closes finish ever at the 3100 mile  race.  Last night at midnight both Yuri and Ashprihanal had put in an astonishing day of running.  Demonstrating unquestionably what it really means to dig deep, try harder, and for all of us mortals on the sideline, what appeared to be transcending themselves in a way that has not been witnessed on this little block in Queens ever.

*cover photo Jowan……translation Lyalya….*

It can get confusing when you try and track down the whys and wherefores of this sprint to the finish.  Keep in mind the distance between the 2 had been less than a sliver for days.  But yesterday with nothing to loose each took their performances to a level that had to be their absolute ultimate.  Yuri ran 79 miles and Ashprihanal 86 miles.


They went home at midnight with just 8 miles separating them.  A gap, that with an extra day added would have been evaporated by Ashprihanal.  But no, the race was not to be won by its record holder from last year.  Yuri just had to run 5 more miles.  He was to be the champion this year.

“Do you think this is my victory? No this is the victory of the Supreme.”

“This is the victory of our teacher.  This is the victory of heaven.  This is the victory of earth.  The victory of humanity.  This is the victory of each and every one of you.”


“It wasn’t a simple race.  You can’t understand it with the mind.  You can only feel it with the heart.”

“With me my teacher was always present.  One that loves me, and one that I love so much.”

“A samurai warrior has come to me and shared with me his strength.  All of you here are my friends.  Without your support it would not have been possible.”

“We are not just running on a concrete sidewalk.  We are not on a path that leads to wealth and fame.  This path leads us to the depths of our hearts.  The place where God lives within us.  Where it is his home.  I was there.  There is everything there in order to be happy.”


“Happiness, joy, oneness.  All of this I want to share with you.”

“I am happy, so happy.  Guru is in my heart.  The whole world is in my heart.  You are all in my heart.  It will be like this always.”


Click to Play the sound of Yuri’s finish:…46 Days, 01 hour, 10 minutes, 25 seconds


flower yuri-1400721

A heart of gratitude
Finds divine Blessings
And divine Love
All along its way.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 187, Agni Press, 1993

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At one point all 4 race directors were at the race last night

race directors-31

The board


It won’t be quiet for long

pre clock-1400647

Kaneenika arrives

pre kaneenika-1400649

The van arrives

pre van-1400654

Rupantar does his video

pre rupantar-1400657

Sanjay’s crew is here as well

pre rupantar-1400664

Yuri comes for the last morning

pre yuri-1400656

The girls

pre girls-1400660

Vasu’s t shirt

pre yuri back-1400668

Just 6 days left

pre kaneenika-1400651

Start Day 47


Old friends who have inspired each other so much


Yuri enjoys his last few laps


He offers his gratitude to the Enthusiasm Awakeners

yuri parvati-1400740

He savors his precious and sacred time on the course

yuri camp-1400730

Nearly there

flower yuri-1400745

Ashprihanal ran 86 miles.


He finished the day with 3087 miles.  Just 13 left

ashprihanal parvati-1400742

Both of the runners will be missed on the course tomorrow


Service road

flower ashprihanal-1400719

Atmavir also had a good day.  He ran 70 miles


he has 2993 miles and will finish tomorrow

atmavir feet-1400856

A great day to run

wide atmavir gc-1400680

“Oddly enough I have come really late for the finish and there are still lots of good spots to see from.”


Vasu ran 69 miles and has 2944 miles


Reading the daily poem with Stutisheel

stutisheel vasu-1400787

Dawn flower

flower dawn-1400678

Kausal working on Vasu


The medical team


168 st

flower kaneenika-1400792

Kaneenika ran 57 miles


She now has 2793 miles

kaneenika and dipali-1400826

The service road

flower surasa-1400720

Surasa ran 55 miles


She now has 2714 miles

surasa feet-1400876

So inspiring to see her run

surasa camp-1400732

By the fence

flowe surasa-1400788

Baladev did 52 miles


He now has 2518 miles

baladev feet-1400830


flower baladev-1400790



Sopan did 43 miles.  He now has 2441 miles

sopan ananda-lahari-1400800


flower good-1400715

Stutisheel did 42 miles


He now has 2365 miles

stutisheel wide gc-1400685

168 st

flower stutisheel-1400795

Misha will be leaving on Saturday and he will be replaced for the final few days by Volodymyr


Ananda-Lahari did 73 miles.  He is at least partially responsible for the burst from Ashprihanal.

ananda-lahari atmavir-1400690

He now has 2349 miles

ananda-lahari behind-1400722

“The disciples all understand now that this race is cosmic.”  Shantishri had been in Bangladesh for most of the race and has only recently arrived back in New York.

“It is affecting the whole universe.  People feel that and it is just so nice to be able to connect to that.”

Shantishri had been here of course when the race first started.  I ask her to explain her feelings from then and now.


“I think we grow in understanding what it means.  But I can’t say what it means.”(laughs)

“It is an amazing thing and I am so grateful to these runners.”

When she first arrived in New York Shantishri describes that the first place she wanted to visit was the race.  “This is the center of aspiration for this small period.  This is the place to be now.”

Click to Play:


Shantishri reads the Daily Poem

poem shantishri-1400783

Click to Play:

Poem shantishri

Suprabha running with Ashprihanal

flower ashprihanal-1400794

Click Below to Play Ashprihanal Movie:

*Cover photo by Jowan……Additional footage courtesy of Stutisheel*

The sounds of Ashprihanal’s finish……..Time 46 days, 02 hours, 54 minutes, 22 seconds.

Click to Play:


At last it is complete…. 14 finishes


Congratulated by Yuri


Enjoying the moment


Soon it will be their turn

atmavir kaneenika-1400933

Yuri celebrates

yuri beer-1400943

Sahishnu’s remarks

Click to Play:

ashprihanal sahishnu

Enthusiasm Awakeners


Click to Play:


Since my body
Lives in this world,
Can my heart not be
For this world?

6 thoughts on “August 4… The Whole World Is In My Heart”

  1. I was waiting for a kind of explanation, unfortunately being a little confused, indeed. But Yuri gave the best answers and Lyalya the best translation of a bow.

    The bird joke even goes well with a personal experience. I was late for the finish to watch, sitting on a bench in a city surrounded by lots of greedy sparrows thinking of the race.

  2. To pay due respect to Ashprihanal´s finish would break the mold here. I am deeply in awe with his ability to constantly climb the ladder of mileage up to second place, while suffering from a chest cold and other restrictions, not to mention the heat wave. Alas, even a day with 86 miles to his credit (which is for me incomprehensible) are not enough to win. But one can only bow to his very extraordinary performance, still holding the world record of this race. No-one ever in the world ran this race fourteen times.

  3. These last few days, we have witnessed some incredible and unique moments of the race of the Heart and the openness of the soul when running and transcendence join hands.
    Gratitude, Yuri, for sharing with us these beautiful experiences and vision of the transcendence world.
    And to Utpal for making this possible for us to appreciate every day, wherever we are.

    Amazing race, amazing vision!! What happens in the inner world is so well expressed through the smiles of these divine heroes!!!

  4. Such a moving, profound speech by Yuri. What a finish he is a champion and transcended in so many ways. Inspirational !

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