August 3… God’s Embrace

I greet Yuri this morning with, “we won’t be doing this again.”

It is his last full day of running and by early tomorrow his 3100 mile race will be over for this year.  He starts the day with just 84 more miles left to run.

*Translation by Lyalya*

In each of our previous talks he has mentioned that he feels as though he is approaching God’s home.  I joke that with the tiny distance left remaining he must now be brushing his shoes off on the carpet in front of God’s door.

golden yuri-1370429

“That is correct but there are no shoes.  I just feel the happiness of God.  I just feel the presence of God.  I feel his embrace  He is stretching out his arms to me and I am stretching out my arms towards  him.”

“God’s embrace I will feel tomorrow.”


I then ask Yuri a practical question about why his speed over the past 4 days has increased so dramatically.  I am curious.  Is it because of the looming presence of Ashprihanal drawing closer or something else?

He says no.


“The world has let me go.  Everything that was binding me has left.  Right now I am just a soul bird.  For a bird there are no limitations, no boundaries.  But I have a body and I do all I can and this turns out to be 70 miles a day.”

“I am not doing this for the records.  I am doing this to bring happiness to my soul.  To bring happiness to God and to be able to approach him faster.  This is why my speed has increased.”

flower yuri-1400566

The body is the patient.

The heart is the sufferer.

The soul is the sympathizer.

God is the ultimate Curer.

Guru Sri Chinmoy

August 2, 2007

Sri Chinmoy, My blessingful and pride-flooded dedication to the indomitable runners of the 3100-mile Self-Transcendence Race, 2007, Agni Press, 2007

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The board

pre board-1400329

Vajra’s job is nearly over

pre vajra-1400317

Misha getting ready.  The jury is not out on whether the new bee discouragement protocols are working

pre misha-1400309

Kaneenika arrives

pre kaneenika-1400306

Still early

pre camp-1400307


The van arrives

pre van-1400311

Vasu arrives

pre vasu-1400323

It is not hot or humid

pre clock-1400313

Ashprihanal sitting down

pre ashprihanal-1400319

Vasu had a good day with 69 miles

pre vasu-1400328

Yuri locking his bike

pre yuri-1400314

The boys

pre boys-1400318

Start Day 46


Ashprihanal starts very fast

first step-1400334

A perfect morning

flower dawn-1400356

Yuri ran 70 miles

wide yuri cg-1400337

He now has 3016 which is just 15 miles ahead of Ashprihanal

yuri wide-1400343

It is predicted that he will finish about 8:30 tomorrow morning

yuri good-1400627

Green grass

flower ashprihanal-1400342

Ashprihanal ran 75 miles


He now has 3001 miles


He is pushing hard to finish the race


By the fence

flower ashprihanal-1400357


flower misha-1400594

Atmavir also ran 71 miles


He now has 2922 miles.  He should finish mid day on Saturday



flower atmavir-1400568

Vasu did 69 miles


He now has 2875 miles


His blister is not bothering him so much

vasu stutisheel-1400414

“Stupid weather forecast.  Cloudy skies….No way.  Now I have to go home and get my sun screen and glasses.”


Just there

flower kaneenika-1400564

Kaneenika ran 56 miles


She now has 2735 miles


With 365 miles left and 7 days in which to do it she needs to complete 52 miles per day.


The chair

flower kaneenika-1400570

Nada counting

flower nada-1400631

Surasa did 53 miles


She now has 2658 miles

surasa gc-1400443

She poses for a picture with Vishvarupanai

surasa vishvarupani-1400636

She is a remarkable person


Surasa and Baladev

flower surasa-1400340

Baladev did 43 miles


He now has 2466 miles


A special treat

camp cucumbers-1400558

Sopan did 43 miles

sopan wide-1400341

He now has 2397 miles


From a distance


Stutisheel did 40 miles

stutisheel alakananda-1400602

He now has 2323 miles


First light


Ananda-Lahari did 45 miles


He now has 2276 miles


Uddipan updating the boards


Nirjharini and cooks bring the morning snack


Shortly after 8pm Yuri had 3074 miles and Ashprihanal had 3067 miles.  It will be the closest finish in the race history

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.22.05 PM

“I have been a student of Sri Chinmoy for more than 20 years.”  Lena from Vinnitsa in the Ukraine was at the race this morning singing with the Enthusiasm Awakeners


“I felt when I first heard about the race that it was both impossible and realistic.”

“On one hand it is impossible.  How can people be able to achieve it and on the other hand you actually see people achieving it.  You then realize that with the grace of God it is possible.”


As for being here she is, “gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.”

“I have such happiness and pride.   That are such souls here that are willing to put so much into this and do it all for God.”


Since both Vasu and Yuri come from Vinnitsa I ask her if she has a special interest in them.  “No, all runners are the same.”

“Of course the runners that I know, they touch me to the depth of my heart instantly. But all the runners are amazing.”

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Lena reads the Daily Poem in English and Russian

poem lena-1400546

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Poem Lena

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Those who believe, embrace.
What do they believe?
They believe that they are
Of God.

Those who embrace, believe.
What do they embrace?
They embrace
God’s immanence,
God’s permanence
God’s transcendence.

Sri Chinmoy, Europe-Blossoms, Agni Press, 1974

flower final-1400345

4 thoughts on “August 3… God’s Embrace”

  1. So much pride, so much joy, so much gratitude – only the heart can feel, the mind is speechless.

  2. To pay due respect to Ashprihanal´s finish would break the mold here. I am deeply in awe with his ability to constantly climb the ladder of mileage up to second place, while suffering from a chest cold and other restrictions, not to mention the heat wave. Alas, even a day with 86 miles to his credit are not enough to win. But one can only bow to his very extraordinary performance, still holding the world record of this race. No-one ever in the world ran this race for fourteen times.

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