August 2… Lots of Prayers to Say and Miles to Run

“I think I felt it last week.  There was a point when I was able to do 100 laps.”

That point of course was when at last Kaneenika was able to see that she would be able to complete all 3100 miles of the race.  She is rightfully cautious as she expresses this optimism.  There is still the very real job of taking on the last 421 miles over the course of the final 8 days.

But last night she did 55 miles when she only needed to do 52.  Many, many, of Kaneenika’s friends and supporters are taking deep calm breaths now, though likely their fingers are still crossed and held behind their backs.

“When I could do over 100 laps my confidence came back.  I feel better now.”

“It is still not over.  There are still a lot of prayers to say and miles to run.”

kaneenika side-1390989

“The first part of the race seemed easy.  It was easy sailing.  So then after that it changed a lot.  I had to go more deep within.  I had to get more strength from inside.  It wasn’t as though I wasn’t getting it earlier.”

I then ask Kaneenika what it was like when she realized last year that she would not be able to complete the distance.

“It took me a while to accept it.”

She then relates a very powerful experience she had at that time last year when she saw right in front of her what looked like a movie of her life.  Scenes that all came, starting from the very moment she had become a student of Sri Chinmoy right up to that point in the race.

It was not in her imagination she says, but was projected right out in front of her.

kaneenika behind-1400216

She says that the experience reaffirmed her belief in what she was doing.  “The movie showed me the real meaning of this race.”

“I am trying to be more tolerant… more compassionate….. more humble.  How to have more gratitude and also how to have more peace in my life.  I can’t say that I know how to do all these things by now.  I feel as though I am making progress.”

kaneenika good-1400126

I then ask for her thoughts on Surasa.  “I think that it is just the experience that we all are having.  I think this years race is harder for everybody, in some ways.   Surasa has always been an inspiration for me.”

“I used to watch her before I started doing these races.  I also did a few races with her and I experienced her doing her world record in the 1300 mile race.  I always admired her determination and her childlike consciousness and surrender.”

golden kaneenika-1370412

Then Kaneenika describes an experience she had before she got to the half way mark.  She was running along the course across from Jamaica High school.

“All of a sudden I felt this peace descending.  It was so strong for me.  I don’t think I have experienced anything like that before.”

“So this peace is descending on me and I then I felt so much peace inside but also at the same time so much power and confidence.  That was very striking for me.”

flower kaneenika-1400237

You can make the fastest progress
If you can say,
“I came into the world
To love God, only God.
I came into the world
To serve God, only God.
I came into the world
To manifest God,
Only God.”

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 194, Agni Press, 1993

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The Board


No vehicles on Tuesday

pre wide-1390945

Still early

pre clock-1390949

Janos changes the day to 45

pre janos-1390950

A tired rose

pre wide-1390946

Kaneenika arrives

pre kaneenika-1390952

Vajra leaves

pre vajra-1390957

The van comes

pre van-1390953

Rupantar makes his video

pre rupantar-1390962

Ashprhanal needs a yogurt

pre ashprihanal-1390955

Ananda-Lahari getting ready

pre ananda-lahari-1390970

The girls

pre girls-1390960

Start Day 45


First steps

first steps-1390975

It is a beautiful morning at the race. Nice temperature and humidity.

wide atmavir gc-1390988

Nearly missed

flower final-1390981

Yuri ran 72 miles


He now has 2945 miles


It is not clear if he is running so hard to stay in front of Ashprihanal who is 19 miles behind.  Or to beat his mark from last year which he is 23 miles behind

camp yuri-1400220

Either way he is running very hard



flower ashprihanal-1390977

Ashprihanal ran 76 miles


He now has 2926 miles

ashprihanal behind-1400175

He is also running incredibly hard and focused


“Boy have we been waiting a long time to be in the spotlight.  Our act is hard to follow.”


Everybody wants to fly

flower ashprihanal-1400231

Atmavir also ran 71 miles


He now has 2850 miles and is 75 miles ahead of last year


By the camp

flower vasu stutisheel-1400229

Vasu ran 65 miles


Vasu has 2806 miles


He should finish on Friday

vasu behind-1400006



Informal meeting involving mangos

camp girls-1400219

Elegant and green


Kaneenika did 55 miles


She now has 2679 miles


By the fence

flower surasa-1400239

Surasa did 57 miles


She now has 2605 miles


Still trying her best


Peppermint Patty

flower surasa-1400102


floer baladev-1390996

Baladev did 47 miles


Uddipan helping Baladev


He now has 2422 miles


Poems of Sri Chinmoy read by Baladev:

baladev poems

Service road

flower baladev-1390983

Sopan did 43 miles.  He now has 2353 miles



flower stutisheel-1400238

Stutisheel did 36 miles


He now has 2282 miles


The hard edge

flower stutisheel-1390982

Ananda-Lahari did 45 miles

ananda-lahari good-1400012

He now has 2231 miles


Hard and soft


Anubha and friend counting this morning


The big picture

camp wide-1400218

I ask Hastakamala to ask herself a question…….”Am I grateful to God?”

“Yes,  I was just reading about it.  Guru said, God can be happy with you, Guru can be happy with you, but if you are not grateful, then you will not be satisfied yourself.”

“I am hankering after satisfaction.  In everything I do.  To be happy and satisfied with everything I do.”

“It is not always present.”


The webcam at 9:30 pm.  Yuri has passed 3000 miles and has 3005.  Ashprihanal has 2988 miles.  Kaneenika has done 46 miles since this morning.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.41.11 PM

Interview by Nirjharini

Photo by Sushuti

Click to Play:


“Service definitely makes me happier.  This is my 3rd time here.”

“I love food, and I love cooking, and I love that kind of service.”  At this point Hastakamala wanted to make clear how much she likes working at, ‘My Rainbow Dreams,’ in Canberra.  She also wanted to pass on a big hello to all her Aussie friends and others.

“I am happy to be here and it is phenomenal what the runners do.  It is beautiful here because everybody comes together.  It is a whole community.  People from all around the world combined with the local people.  It is very powerful and unfathomable thing that is happening.”

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Poem of the Day read by Hastakamala

poem hastakamala-1400228

Click to Play:

Poem hastakamala

Enthusiasm Awakeners


Click to Play:


God has already given you
More than the necessary capacity
To do everything He has asked you to do.
Just dive deep within.
An inexhaustible source
Of energy and capacity
Is waiting there for you
Not only to receive
But also to become.

4 thoughts on “August 2… Lots of Prayers to Say and Miles to Run”

  1. Thank you Nirjarini for this very interesting interview with Utpal! So nice to hear the story behind this great blog. And all the best for all the runners on their last “downhill” miles. Even those who will not be able to complete the 3100 – what an amazing spirit to just keep going, lap after lap, and not giving up, even if things are moving slowly and are harder than the hardest – you are such beacons to the world! And world-transformers with every step you take… Thanks for the daily updates and great interviews Utpal, the birds and squirrels, nature`s beauty and the wonderful poems in each post.

  2. Nirjharini, what a perfect idea to put our great reporter on the other end of the spectrum. You did a perfect job – good questions – it was interesting to hear a little bit about how Guru works through each of us to bring forward our own hidden capacities and make them blossom. And in Utpal’s case you also see how far reaching one person’s
    self-transcendence spreads across the whole world.
    Thank you Guru, thank you runners, thank you organizers and helpers and thank you Nirjharini and Utpal.

    Utpal, apart from your inspiring interviews I also love your conversations with your various animal friends along the course.
    Much gratitude

  3. I would have missed that there was an audio interview with Utpal had it not been for the comments. So if you, too, have missed it. Go back to under Utpal’s picture and click “listen to play”. I benefit greatly from Utpal’s daily dedication to this Amazing Race — so it is enlightening to hear some back-story. Thanks, Nirjharini!

    Now, may I ask Utpal to transcend his past years 52-day perfection-journey? And ask that he report on the finishing ceremony that is held one day after the race finishes?

    With gratitude and great respect!

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