July 22… We Are One Family

For those interested in simplifying their lives, at least temporarily.  Running for 18 hours a days for 52 days may exemplify a stripped down, superbly focused lifestyle that is hard to beat.

Yes it is brutally hard and unrelenting.  But once you are immersed in this world wholeheartedly the rest of the clutter and superficial enticements that constantly nag us tend to disappear.  Or at least in theory that is the case.

50 year old Vasu Duzhiy who is running the race for the 5th time however is in another league altogether when it comes to his steadfast devotion to the race.


Each of the runners over the years have come here have brought remarkable skills and qualities. But in all honesty I have never met anyone whose life has been so stripped of external distractions and problems quite like Vasu.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.14.55 PM
1000 miles the Distance from St Petersburg to Vienna

As he starts day 34 he has 1000 miles left to go and 19 days in which to do it.

Because he has run so well up till now he only has to run 52 miles a day in order to make it.  But for more than a week his blister has been hobbling him physically.  True to his sweet nature however he remains unrelentingly cheerful.

Moments after we start our little run together he has just memorized the Daily Poem.  One which Sri Chinmoy composed on this day in 2007.  He recites it for me in both English and Russian.

At the moment he is running well but says he had a bad morning (which means he could only walk slowly).  “To be happy helps me so much.  This is our medicine.”

vasu boys-1360593

I ask though, when it is hurting so much how can he still be happy.  “I think Guru does it.  I try to be in his consciousness.  I try to pray.  I try to sing.  I try to meditate.  I also speak with other runners.  This also helps because everybody has some problems.  If we speak or joke it helps.”

“I think it is good.  We are one family.”


When asked if he is looking forward to the end.  He smiles and says, “I hope that I can finish.  Do it for Guru’s victory.”

“Everyday I get many letters and it helps me so much.”  Vasu says that one person is sending him a poem about smiling every day.  “It is so nice.”

vasu silouhete-1310292

He feels that since he first started running the race 5 years ago more people are now interested in the 3100.

And a comment that could only come from Vasu.  “I am grateful for my blister because many disciples have shown their kind hearts and inspired me to run.  We are a big family.”

flower vasu good-1360554

I must never lose
contact with my
Lord’s Compassion-Eye
and His Forgiveness-
Heart. Never.

Guru Sri Chinmoy
July 22nd, 2007

The Board


The weather is going to be challenging to say the least for the next few days


Vajra getting ready to leave

pre clock vajra-1360198

Van arrives

pre van-1360211

Kaneenika pulls up

pre kaneenika-1360207

Ashprihanal stretches and looks at the board

pre ashprihanal-1360213

Yuri arrives

pre yuri-1360214

Ananda-Lahari locks his bike

pre ananda-lahari-1360217

The big picture at 5:56

pre wide-1360219

Janos lacing a pair of shoes

pre janos-1360221

Baladev’s shirt

pre baladev-1360220

Start Day 34


First steps

first steps-1360226

The picture doesn’t show how punishingly hot and humid it will be

wide gc-1360229

So small

flower atmavir-1360236

Atmavir ran the most laps yesterday 120. 65 miles


He now has 2217 miles.  101 miles more than last year.


He is also 14 miles ahead of Yuri

atmavir baladev-1360527

Coming through camp

flower atmavir-1360581

Yuri did 119 laps and also 65 miles.


He now has 2203 miles


On top

flower yuri-1360237

Ashprihanal did 61 miles


He now has 2190 miles.  13 miles behind Yuri


Cooling down


Coming into camp

flower vasu-1360477

Vasu did 52 miles

vasu ashprihanal-1360600

He has 2118 miles

vasu good-1360594


flower vasu-1360383

Kaneenika did 47 miles


She now has 2082 miles


Kaneenika is 94 miles ahead of last year

kaneenika camp-1360472

A little blue

flower final-1360232

Surasa did 51 miles

surasa good-1360376

She now has 2025 miles

surasa good-1360464


flower final-1360233

Stutisheel did 51 miles


He now has 1871 miles

stutisheel shashanka-1360454

“Man, do I ever have a terrible itch and I don’t have fingers to scratch it.”



flower sopan-1360475

Sopan did 44 miles


He now has 1865 miles

sopan behind-1360359

need lots of fluids

flower sopan-1360596

Baladev did 48 miles


He now has 1848 miles


Across the road


Ananda-Lahari did 42 miles


He now has 1733 miles


Busy sidewalk

flower ananda-lahari-1360479

“It is great as usual.”  A typical Vajra response

“There are never really bad days.  There are just days that are challenging.”


When asked if he ever had any of those he laughs, “Like today.”

“Today I saw more trash than I usually see.  More bending down more picking up.  As the years gather around me it is more difficult to bend down.  But I do it any way because there is a joy in just doing it.”

“You learn after being on this path that you are not living for yourself.  You are living for others.  In the hope that in some way you are serving the Supreme.”


“So it is serving God the creation.”

“Sri Chinmoy is a living presence in every second of my life.”

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camp drinks-1360598

Nirjharini and the cooks arrive


Flower Nirjharini

flower nirjharini-1360588

Uddipan checking in with Zulma on the 10 a.m. totals

uddipan zulma-1360513

Shashanka read the Daily Poem

poem shashanka-1360473

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Shashanka poem

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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You bring to the world
The message of oneness.
You tell each and everyone
That we are members of one family —
God’s family.

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  1. In Toronto it’s 34 degrees Celsius, so we can barely imagine running is this humid, hot weather!The inner world must be a little cooler! Prayers that the heat breaks soon! Lots of appreciation for all the runners, helpers, reporters and especially the Supreme Runner.

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