July 21… We Depend On Grace

“I had a really good day yesterday.”

Atmavir did have a good day yesterday, and of course it didn’t hurt that it was also his 38th birthday.

You can see it on the scoreboard and you can see it clearly in his smile and his relaxed and happy attitude today.

The mileage by the way, which is a lot easier to check, was 66 miles for yesterday.   This gives him a 32 day total of 2151 miles.  Which means the remaining distance left in front of him is 1049 miles.  Which is just about the distance from Zlin to the other side of Moscow.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.34.35 PM

What is another good indicator of his mood is that when he ran by me late in the morning he heard me talking with someone about problems.  He called out, “there are no problems.  Only opportunities.”

“I had a really good time yesterday.  I was able to maintain a good consciousness all day.”


Not too many days ago Atmavir was simply having a tough time.  For 2 days in a row he was getting mileage in the 40’s and could barely run.  “It happened on Saturday and Sunday.  Usually those days are the best on the weekend.”

“It is like a party time.  There are many games going on and there are no kids going to school.”


“Saturday I stopped running.  I had an empty battery.  I didn’t feel as though I was pushing too hard but I just didn’t have a lot of energy.  So I took it easy.  I went home for a few hours.  I really had to recover.  It turned out to be my best day here so far.”

“I slept for an hour.  Then I felt that I should meditate.”  Atmavir says the meditation was such a powerful experience that he felt as though he was being showered by light and was so moved by it that he cried.

atmavir board-1360180

When he came back to the race he felt as though it was now a completely new start for him.  “A new life.  Everything was new.”  Atmavir says he was surprised that Sopan independently also felt like he too was having a new start at the same time. “A new journey.”

“It was an experience that both of us had on the same day.”

When asked if there is a particular song that he likes, he says he really likes, ‘All your Grace.”

“I like its inner message because we really depend upon grace here.”

Atmavir says that are times when he is running when he is particularly aware that grace is the power behind it.

“There is a flow.”

flower atmavir-1360189

All Your Grace, all Your Grace,

All Your Grace, all Your Grace,

My Lord Beloved Supreme!

All Your Grace, all your Grace,

My soul and I are able to join

In your birthless and deathless Race.

-Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race Songs

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The Board


Vajra leaves

pre vajra-1350867

Van comes.  Rupantar stretches his back

pre van-1350870

Misha says the menu for the day is cups of water

pre misha-1350869

The girls

pre girls-1350873

Baladev and Ashprihanal come

pre baladev-1350872

A poem

pre poem-1350875

The weather for today is good

pre temp-1350878

The next couple of days is another matter

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.16.55 PM

The boys

pre boys-1350882

Webcam works

pre webcam-1350883

Surasa stretches

pre surasa-1350888

Start Day 33


Another beautiful morning

wide gc stutisheel-1350894

A bird enjoying not having to commute by road


Atmavir is now 96 miles ahead of last year.  He is 13 miles ahead of Yuri

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.35.15 PM

The shade

flower atmavir-1360024

Yuri ran 63 miles yesterday


He now has 2138 miles


Keeping cool

yuri sponge-1360192


flower yuri-1360026

Sponges at the ready

camp sponge-1360174

Misha trying a little ice on the head

misha ice-1360170

168 st

flower ashprihanal-1360032

Ashprihanal ran the most yesterday.  70 miles

ashprihanal good-1350933

He now has 2129 miles


Ashprihanal being counted by Zulma

camp ashprihanal-1360179


flower zulma-1360185

Vasu did 51 miles


He now has 2063 miles and his blister is still bothering him


By the shcool

flower kaneenika-1360101

Kaneenika did 56 miles.  Having some problems


Enjoying a lap with the now very fresh Hridayinee

kaneenika hirdayinee-1360118

She has 2034 miles.  She is 111 miles ahead of last year.


The team

camp kaneenika-1360176

By the clock

flower kaneenika-1360190

The color pink

flower surasa-1360105

Surasa did 40 miles yesterday


She now has 1974 miles


Remaining cheerful and going within

surasa behind-1350963

Morning glory

flower surasa-1360115

Sopan did 42 miles yesterday


He now has 1820 miles

sopan behind-1350999

So delicate

flower sopan-1360104

Stutisheel did 58 miles


In focus

flower stutisheel-1350901

He now has 1820 miles


The boys


Is it clear

flower baladev-1350964

Baladev had 43 miles.  He has 1800 miles


The sidewalk

flower balaev-1360108

Ananda-Lahari had 45 miles


He now has 1690 miles

ananda-lahari behind-1360087

168 st

flower ananda-lahari-1360103

Uddipan updating the board

uddipan board-1360181

“It is almost everything.”  Kodanda is a very dedicated part of the race each morning.  He rarely misses coming and playing one of his many instruments.

“I don’t know what the rest of the day will bring.  Sometimes it goes way down.

Kodanda describes that every morning at 5:20 he finds himself getting ready to come out.


“It is really important for me to be here before the runners start.  I try and set  tone that is just meditative.  I think it might help because all the runners have such little rest.  If I can play soulfully and it projects than hopefully they will feel something that comes from Sri Chinmoy’s music.  I think it is a benefit.”

“It is a great thing for me.  It helps me to make progress.  The reason for doing it is stronger.  I have to be sincere.  I have to try and be more committed.


Kodanda is very aware of all the hardship that the runners have to endure.  He wants to make sure that his offering is in the right consciousness for the runners to help them in their journey.”

“By the time I have finished I usually feel that I have accomplished something that changes something.  It is an opportunity for me to be a part of it.”

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Bashata Reads the Daily Poem

poem bashata-1360093

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Poem Bashata

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Everything we do
Depends on inner guidance,
Which is nothing other than
Compassion and Grace from Above.

flower final-1350896

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  1. A belated Happy Birthday To Atmavir!

    The perfect interview, the perfect inspiration, Utpal. Kodanda´s flute play and his sincere words inspire people far beyond the running course in Queens, NY.

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