July 23… Deep Into My Heart

Volodymyr was a powerful presence for 19 days and then in a flash his race was over.  Or at least his outer one was.  In those few precious days at the 3100 mile race he was able to complete 919 miles.  Most certainly the last few hundred of them were particularly hard fought.  He walked with a kind of personal agony, that you could not see.

Yet each day and each lap he still found a way to smile.

*translation by Lyalya*

I hadn’t seen Volodymyr in 2 weeks and in the time since, he has rested and recovered, or at least enough to be able once again visit the battleground.  The place in which he endured so much and also accomplished something deep and significant as well.

“When I started to have problems, very strong pain.  I was looking for ways to get out of it.  Soon I understood that there was only one way out, and that was to go deep into my heart.”

919 miles the distance from Vinnitsa to the French Border
919 miles the distance from Vinnitsa to the French Border

“When I started to go more and more deep into my own heart, as the pain increased, I was able to go even deeper.  I actually felt happier.  So despite the pain I was feeling happier.”

“This inner state.  This happiness I felt inside is eternal.  The pain was only temporary.”

“When I was able to gain access to this inner happiness it allowed me to be able to fall asleep at night.  I could see Guru.  I could feel Guru.  The pain was pushed into the background. It remains there.”


“Working on this pain that I had here.  I am already preparing myself for next year.  I will see what Guru wants me to do.  The 10 day race in the Spring or this race again.”

“I really strongly believe that the state of my heart, the state of my vital, the state of my mind is good now.  Then of course my body will be able to follow their example.  I am a strong believer in that.”

volody flower-1360854

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
I shall never give up,
I shall never give up!
I must continue,
I must continue!
I know my Goal is ahead,
And I am destined to reach my Goal.
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!

Sri Chinmoy, My Morning Soul-Body Prayers, part 6, Agni Press, 1999

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The board


“Look, it is not what you think.  I am only here to help Yuri with his shoes.  That’s it.”


Kaneenika arrives first

pre kaneenika-1360613

Dan the new guy in town spent the night guarding the camp

pre janos-1360612

The van arrives

pre surasa-1360616

Rupantar checks the mileage

pre rupantar-1360620

Someone has posted his picture taken in 1978.  Cleaning a drain across the street.

pre rupantar-1360619

Yuri checking the board before he sits

pre yuri-1360617

The big view

pre wide-1360622


pre kaneenika-1360624

Start Day 35


First steps

first steps-1360633

The weather will remain extreme until the middle of next week.


Atmavir ran 63 miles yesterday


He now has 2281 miles

atmavir good-1360756

He is 96 miles ahead of last year

atmavir behind-1360639

Service road

flower yuri-1360736

Yuri ran the most miles yesterday 64


He now has 2268 miles


Enthusiasm Awakeners

flower yuri-1360775

Ashprihanal ran 63 miles


He has 2253 miles


A handball tournament is taking place on the corner.  So he buys a t shirt for Atmavir and some new blue balls for him to bounce.

ashprihanal shirt-1360879

Having a chat with Sopan

ashprihanal sopan-1360725


flower ashprihanal-1360737

Vasu did 53 miles


In the mornings he is painfully slow as he walks the course


He now has 2172 miles

vasu behind-1360648

Mid morning

flower kaneenika-1360872

Kaneenika did 51 miles


She has 2133 miles


She is still 86 miles ahead of last year

kaneenika behind-1360688

Something that hasn’t happened that often.  The 2 girls coming in together.

kaneenika surasa-1360856

Just a little

flower surasa-1360735

Surasa did 53 miles


With Vishvarupani

surasa vishvarupani-1360862

A good team

flower surasa-1360875

She has 2078 miles


By the fence


Sopan did 44 miles.  He now has 1909 miles


Coming into camp

flower sopan-1360871

Stutisheel had 31 miles


He now has 1903 miles


Stutisheel on service road

flower stutisheel-1360731

Baladev did 54 miles


He also has 1903 miles


Angels looking over Baladev

flowe baladev-1360774

Ananda-Lahari had 42 miles


He has 1775 miles.  Putting on sun screen

ananda-lahari sun screen-1360869

Still beautiful


Everybody is reminded to drink lots of water

flower yuri-1360863

Bipin making ice bags


Nirjharini cutting an onion for Ashprihanal


“This is the second time I have been at the race.”  Kshema is one of those people who show up at the race and then never seem to leave.  A helpful presence who really enjoys the unique qualities that the race has to offer.

When she came last year she knew very little about the 3100.


“When I came it was something new and something amazing.  I wanted to come again after that.”

“I feel the same this year but somehow it is even more interesting, and more pleasant.”

“When I come every morning to sing with the Enthusiasm Awakeners it fills me up for the whole day.  It gives me energy.”

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Devarupi reads the Daily Poem

poem devarupi-1360853

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Poem Devarupi

Enthusiasm Awakeners have many fans

flower parvati-1360848

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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My evening descends,
And from deep within my heart,
The capacity emerges
For me to fly into the Beyond.

4 thoughts on “July 23… Deep Into My Heart”

  1. Utpal, I am amazed how do you always manage to find so appropriate aphorisms for each day’s report! So beautiful… Keep up this excellent work, please!
    Gratitude and greetings to all hero-runners and all those who help and support the race in any way. Heat will loosen-up soon! Hang in there! We are with you. All the time
    Thank you all for your service, for your inspiration, for your dedication!

  2. Utpal,

    We who read from afar are so very hungry for any and every race detail we can get and you are offering us a delectable meal every single day! It is an ongoing, beautiful, soulful offering and offered with such dedicated service. All my soul’s gratitude to you.

    Thank you, too, for including the weather reports. I am thinking of the runners constantly on these very hot days. Such sisterly concern, compassion and pride I feel for them!

  3. Such a feeling of a Oneness-Family rises from the 3100 Mile Race from ALL aspects. ie from EVERYBODY involved with it. It is so a remarkably strong feeling that one can experience even if not physically present!
    Dear Utpal, thank you for your priceless postings!!!

  4. Dear Utpal,

    Such a beautiful interview! I was overwhelmed with tears of hope when Volodymyr concluded the interview by reciting a poem close to his heart.

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