July 10… To Inspire Each Other

“Sometimes it seems to go slow and sometimes time seems to go fast.”

For all of us unhurried observers of the race, the passing of 3 full weeks seems like a significant milestone.  It is also a convenient handle in order to somehow grasp the unwielding dimensions of the race.

On the other hand, for the runners there is precious little to hold onto as they push relentlessly and as hard as they possibly can every single day.

Kaneenika says though, “I was surprised we had started week 4.”


Over the past 21 days she has run 1337 miles and she is averaging a really good 63 miles a day.  In a little less than 4 days she will be at the half way point.  “I think it feels that you are going down the hill once you reach half way.”

This year she says the race is different for her, “I have more experience.  I am trying to take things differently.”

“At the beginning of the race I said to myself, I want to stay happy.  I am trying to work on that and I think it really helps.”

“I don’t think we are here to enjoy ourselves.  What I learned after the last race is that we are not here to do the race for ourselves.”


Kaneenika said that she came to that understanding after she finished last year and people came up to her and told her how much she had inspired them.  “Thank you for the inspiration.”

“It is definitely not just about our own progress.  This is why Sri Chinmoy created this race, to help humanity inspire each other.”

To inspire others
Is to be immediately rich
In the inner world.

The board


The camp before the runners arrive

pre camp-1320092

Vajra has made a beverage that he wants everyone to sample

pre vajra-1320087

The van

pre van-1320090

Baladev with laundry

pre baladev-1320096

The short wait

pre kaneenika-1320100


pre vasu-1320097

Last minute

pre girl-1320095

Start Day 22


Once again Ananda-Lahari speeds away at the start

first step-1320103

Yuri gets a massage before he does his first lap.

yuri vajra-1320105


flower vasu-1320249

Vasu did 68 miles


He has 1486 miles


Knowing the right people

camp counter-1320106

Service road


Atmavir also did 125 laps, 68 miles


He has 1459 miles



camp wide-1320367

Not quite


Yuri did 63 miles


He has 1421 miles


Service road

flower yuri-1320108

Ashprihanal did 67 miles.  He has 1389 miles


This morning he asked Parvati for a song about friendship.  He sings it with Stutisheel.

ashprihanal stutisheel song-1320302

Service road


Surasa did 64 miles

surasa good-1320294

She has 1358 miles.  A quiet Sunday morning.

wide gc-1320245



Kaneenika also did 64 miles (117 laps) 1337 miles


Pranika has brought her a mat in honor of finishing her 3rd week.  She thinks it will be good for her feet.

kaneenika pranika-1320364

Play Video to hear Dipali’s comments on Kaneenika’s race:

“Last year I was out here with her for most of the race.  I saw all the ups and downs of a first timer doing a new event.”

“Kaneenika has learned a lot of valuable information from last years race.”

“She would have made it last year but there was a bit of a problem when she fell and hurt herself.  She had to get over that hump.”

“This year she has got it right down to the second what to do.  She has learned more about shoes.  She has learned more about timing.”


“She told me a few days ago that this race was all about patience.  All about surrender, and all about gratitude.”

“She has got all 3 of those incredible spiritual values in place this year.  It is really motivating her.”

“I know she is going to finish.  I predict that now.  And I actually predicted on a piece of paper, on the night before the race started.  I know her so well.  We are such good friends.  She has such discipline and she has such a love of running for Guru.”

“I see it in her.  In her preparation.  I felt it.  She is so focused, and I am so proud of her.”


Stutisheel did 58 miles.


He has 1238 miles and is not quite sure why he isn’t back in top gear yet.


There was a squirrel problem yesterday that involved the stealing of Stutisheel’s sandwich.  A polite warning was issued on the spot.

squirrel no-0380

“I did not eat that sandwich.  My cardiologist says I have to cut back on wheat and dairy.”


Sopan had another great day of 66 miles and has 1209 miles


Sanjay’s crew is here

camp sanjay-1320377

Baladev did 57 miles yesterday


He has 1204 miles

baladev vasu-1320352

Ananda-Lahari did 43 miles and has 1174 miles


Late morning now

camp count-1320374

Sahishnu gives a weekly wrap up.


Click to Play:




“It is not a running race.  It is a kind of experience, for the runners and for all those who come and help.  You just immediately sense that it is a whole different world happening here.”

Prapti who just arrived this morning, reads the daily prayer.

poem prapti-1320366

Click to Play:

Poem Prapti

Enthusiasm Awakeners


Click to Play:


A life of inspiration
Does not need preparation.
It has to be immediate.

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  1. Bigalita says:

    What an incredible testimony about friendship – thank you both Dipali and Kaneenika.
    And Ashprihanal and Stutisheel doing a play about friendship – how is that for timing!!

  2. Ambarish says:

    Inspiring family feeling and oneness demonstrated in video by Ashprihanal and Stutisheel. Everyone so positive. Hero’s…..
    Thank you.

  3. Hridayinee says:

    Absolutely beautiful interview with Kaneenika. Her soul is really shining. And also with Dipali whom I know so well. Such a feeling of oneness and support. All Gratitude.

  4. Grahak says:

    Stutisheel is a mischievous squirrel, he should share his sandwiches with his friend from the animal kingdom!!

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