June 24… Do The Right Thing

“You feel you are at the forefront of something significant happening.  You don’t know exactly what it is but it feels like a kind of miracle offered to the world.  Guru is achieving something for the world through the runners.”


Pradeep has been visiting the race for the past few days.  He ran the race in both 2011 and 2012 so he has a deep personal connection and understanding of the 3100 mile race. “It makes you feel humble and grateful to be part of it.”

“It inspires people and it transforms the runners.  It transforms the helpers and all that creates its own spinoff.”

“One of the things I felt after the race was much more courage to do the right thing.”

pradeep-good 3

“In the normal world we feel that we are physical beings and every now and then we have a spiritual experience.  So we experience the body and sometimes we experience love, happiness, or joy.  But in this race there comes a point where you realize that it is the other way around.  We are joy.  We are this infinite energy.  That gives you such a deep understanding of yourself and of life.”

“It also gives you the courage to do what is necessary in other fields.  That is whey the race is so beautiful for the runners.  You feel Guru so strongly here.”

pradeep ashprihanal-1260749

“When you meditate sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  But here after a while you feel a presence which is just cradling you.”

“Everything has its own right time.  Sometimes there are possibilities in your life and they need time in order to blossom.”

It has been 4 years since Pradeep last ran the race.  When asked if he might ever consider running again. “I do.”


The soul only whispers to us
To do the right thing
And become the right person.

Everybody had a good day yesterday.


The quiet time

pre colck-1260652

Vajra has just finished cleaning the course.

pre vajra-1260657

Rupantar showing off the view from webcam that is on all day.

pre rupantar-1260666

The girls

pre wide-1260659


pre janos-1260672

Ashprihanal has just got out of the van

pre baladev-1260665

Taking pictures

pre kaneenika-1260658

Everybody stretch

pre ashprihanal-1260670

Start Day 6


Atmavir has been solid every day.

wide gc-1260776

H ran 72 miles and has 377 miles


By the school

flower vasu-1260809

Vasu did the most miles yesterday with 73.  He has 370 miles


By the fence

flowr vasu-1260858

Yuri did 68 miles

yuri side-1260931

He has 360 miles


Heading to camp

flower yuri-1260755

Ananda-Lahari had another good day with 65 miles.  He has 357 miles.


Between the cracks

flower yuri-1260774

Ashprihanal ran 71 miles.


He and Sopan performed a skit.

ashprihanal play-1260833

Perhaps his next destination

ashprihanal play-1260815

The Enthusiasm Awakeners appreciated it very much


A little bird told me


Tech stuff

“Ok nice joke, but it isn’t funny.  Who moved the ladder?”


Volodymyr did 61 miles


He has 332 miles



wide gc-1260780



Surasa did 62 miles


She has 325 miles


Coming through camp

surasa helper-1260945

Little things so easily missed


Kaneenika did 60 miles


She has 316 miles


She is doing well


Sopan did 60 miles and has 307 miles


An apple a day

flower kaneenika-1260928

Shamita did 60 miles


Has a very good helper

shamita and dohai-1260942

Running with the girls

shamita and girls-1260889

Coming through camp


A little yellow

flower surasa-1260926

Baladev did 59 miles yesterday


He has 296 miles


Stutisheel did 62 miles.


Putting on some sun screen


He has 263 miles


By the turn

flower stutisheel-1260775

“She is amazing (Surasa).  I just love all the girls who are doing this.  I predict that in a few years this race will have more girls than boys.  I don’t think that men can endure all the hardships that women can.”


Snehashila is also pretty amazing.  She only started running when she moved to Queens at age 50.  Now at age 91 and just a few steps away from 92 she walks the quite a few blocks from her home every morning in order to visit.

“I am pulled here.  There isn’t a thing that I can do about it.  I want to come.  I want to give the runners a little bit of joy.  I want to smile at them.  I think that I am giving them a little bit of my energy.”


“If I were younger I would be doing this race.”

“I love it.  This is one of my favorite things and the 2 mile race on Saturday.  I never miss that one either.”

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Akbota and the Prayer of the Day

poem aboka-1260883

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poem Akbota

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Always remember the joy you get
When you do the right thing.
This joy will give you
The inspiration, aspiration
And determination
To continue doing the right thing.


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