June 23… Run Soulfully, Cheerfully, and Gratefully

Last year when Surasa, not only won the women’s division of the 3100 mile race for the 4th time, she also set a new world record.

Back then, at age 56, certainly no one would have been surprised if she had immediately then just simply decided to not ever leave her quiet office job in Vienna and come again and spend a long hot summer running around Thomas Edison high school.  Even at the end of May she was not convinced in fact that she was prepared and strong enough to do it.

“Then something changed.”  With 14 days to go before the start inspiration came and she booked her flight to New York

“I am feeling good and I am feeling at home.  I am happy to be here again.”

“Each year I am saying this is the last time.  But then I get inspired and I come back again.”

“This race is always in my mind.  It is so strong when you have to do it.”


At the same time it is never completely easy for her to come to the starting line.

“You think when you do this race you must be very strong.  When you see some weakness in the body then it becomes very difficult.  Then you start to doubt yourself.  This is not a good thing.”


In order to avoid pressure Surasa says that she never sets any goals.  “I don’t want to have the pressure of just focusing on mileage.”

When asked how she stays so happy she says, “I don’t recognize it.  It is normal for me.”

“I have a prayer.  Many times I say I just want to run, soulfully, cheerfully, and gratefully.  This is my goal that I can do this.”

flower surasa-1260261

The outer running reminds us
Of the soul’s inner running
With Eternity, Infinity and Immortality.

Everybody had a good day yesterday.


The quiet time

pre clock-1260287

The van arrives

pre van-1260288

Checking to see if there are any counters

pre rupantar-1260292

Kaneenika gets some foot work

pre girls-1260295

Yuri locks his bike

pre yuri-1260294

Loosening a tight neck

pre girls-1260304

Yuri checking the daily mileage sheet

pre yuri-1260300

Start Day 5


A beautiful morning

wide gc-1260307

Atmavir is still the race leader with 305.  He ran 71 miles yesterday.


On the service road


Vasu ran the most miles yesterday with 74.  His total is 297 miles


Ananda-Lahari ran 64 miles


He has 291 miles


168 st

flower ananda-lahari-1260313

Yuri ran 69 miles


He has the same total of 291 miles.


No scaffolding


Ashprihanal had 66 miles


He has 280 miles


“Boy do I love running barefoot on this artificial turf.”

flower squirrel2-1260016

Volodymyr did 64 miles.  He has 271 miles


Surasa did 63 miles and has 263 miles


Kaneenika’s daily flower

flower kaneenika-1260510

Kaneenika did 60 miles


She has 255 miles and lots of supporters in the morning.

kaneenika and girls-1260505

By the school

flower kaneenika-1260310

Sopan did 55 miles and has 246 miles


The sun peeking through the clouds

flower sopan-1260312

Shamita did 60 miles yesterday


She has 245 miles


The turn around the school

wide school-1260315

Baladev did 57 miles yesterday and has 237 miles


Baladev coming through a busy camp


A little special


Stutisheel did 55 miles yesterday


He has 201 miles


By the school

flower stutisheel-1260311

“It helps me get unstuck.”  Nayana is one of a regular group of supporters who come out every morning to inspire and be inspired by the 3100 mile race.


“You know in winter time when everything seems to slow down.  If feels like it’s glue.”

“Suddenly the race comes and it is like a volcano.  The helps push everything out and get things moving.  It is almost like sap starting to run in the trees.  It is just thrilling and I am so happy that it is here in New York and I can be a part of it by joining in singing with Parvati’s group.”

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More new members of Enthusiasm Awakeners


Suchitra reads the daily prayer

poem suchitra-1260501

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Poem Suchitra

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Each soul
Compassionately and self-givingly
Runs through human life.

flower ashprihanal-1260388

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