July 10: Every Day Is My Best Day

“I feel good.  I feel amazing, every day is better.”

Every year since 2008 Baladev Saraz, a 39 year old runner from Slovakia has spent his summer running around Thomas Edison High school in Queens New York.  For the past 26 days he has done exactly what he loves most.

Putting on his shoes and heading around the block for 18 straight hours.  A different direction every day.  He would like to complete the 3100 miles that he and 10 other runners are all trying to achieve.  In front of him now is just 26 more days in which to do it.  No matter what the outcome may be,  he will love and cherish each step, each lap, and each day for as long as the race lasts.


Yesterday he ran around the block 100 times which when added to all the previous days makes 2857 times.  There is a part of him that would probably like to have done a few more.  But counting off the laps and miles is not what brings Baladev coming to Queens each summer for the last 8 years. He did miss only one year, 2011.

When asked whether the second half of the race gets tougher.  “I need a long time to warm up and to heal my injuries from the beginning.”

“Every day I think, this is my best day.”

“I am not just saying this, it is really true.”


“Every day there are many stories.  Every day you could make a small book.  Every day is different, a different experience.  Also every year is a different experience.  Sometimes every lap is different.”

“It is like we are running in an infinite ocean.  With everything around you.  It is the same here.  It is really really nice.  Of course sometimes it is hard to swim.”

“Sometimes your mind is working, and than you think about things.  It is not like your are totally without mind.  Sometimes it is like that but not all the time.  Maybe some day somebody will reach that point, totally without mind.  Than we will be able to run 80, 90, 100 miles every day.”


Baladev describes that what Ashprihanal is doing this year is beyond comprehension.  “He is manifesting the Supreme power, strength, every thing.  Running 76, 77 miles a day for 26 days is amazing.”  Baladev than proceeded to compliment the performances of all the other runners.  “They are all champions.”


“I am just learning how to run.”

When asked whether or not he is looking forward to the end of the race.  “Of course I would like to run all year.  It is really hard for me to stop after 52 days.”

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It almost feels a little cool this morning


It rained heavily for the final hours of the race last night, so the shoes come out to dry.


A little healing incense before the long day starts.


Start Day 27


The sky is beautiful this morning.


Despite the conditions last night Ashprihanal still ran 75 miles.

ashprihanal3 copy 2

Last night he completed 1997 miles putting him 28 miles ahead of the record


He also does a skit where he eats yeast and shoe polish…..So he can rise and shine.


Barely seen


Galya maintained his 70 mile streak onto day 26.  He now has 1881 miles.


He says at one point today that he is feeling a little weak.


We all can grow.


vasu did 70 miles as well yesterday.  He now has 1794 miles.


Across the road.


Yuri ran 67 miles yesterday and now has 1779 miles.


Atmavir had 66 miles yesterday.


He has 1680 miles


Surasa had a good day with 63 miles.


She now has 1605 miles.


Vasavi was sad to leave yesterday but new help has arrived.


Stutisheel found his missing strength yesterday eventually and ran 63 miles.


He now has 1567 miles.


Kaneenika completed the half way point last night and finished the day with 1558 miles.


She ran 62 miles yesterday.


Getting help from Anna


Kanala shows a special gift that she has just received.


Nirbhasa flew around the course yesterday


He ran 62 miles yesterday and completed the day just short of the half way mark with 1543 miles.


Not very long into the day he completes 1550 miles.


Ananda-Lahari did 54 miles yesterday.


He has 1420 miles.


The road to joy with just a few obstacles.


“I was really looking forward to coming, and I must say that I have been watching it on the internet and seeing how the runners were going.  But I have never been here.”  Last night Prabuddha, who lives in Pert Australia showed up at the 3100 mile race. “It gave me so much joy to see everyone.   Just to be here.  I really felt at home.”

“The race is very special.  It is very peaceful out here.  All the runners are really doing well.  They all look in good shape.  It is quite inspiring.”

Grahak also comes from Perth and Prabuddha describes how much his running here has meant to everyone back home.  “We were ringing him every 2 or 3 days.  Sending him emails regularly.  We also were checking to see how he was doing.  We knew he had troubles even before starting the race.”


On the day Grahak left the race, “we spoke to him that morning.  He spoke to us for quite a while and we knew there was something going on.  He really didn’t want to end the conversation with us on the phone.  He expressed that he was having great difficulties, just even walking.”

Prabuddha is now inspired to see how much Grahak has thrown himself into the job of supporting Ashprihanal. “He really understands what is going on out there.  It has really worked out well, because it has also given him a bit of a focus.  It has given him a direction to still stay involved.”

“It is really hard to understand what the runners are going through.  Outwardly it is just an awesome event.”

For himself he sees that the spiritual life and athletics can go hand in hand.  From the moment he became a student of Sri Chinmoy he said he started training to run a marathon.  “It has always been an important part of my spiritual path, for the whole 35 years that I have been associated with Sri Chinmoy.  It is great to see this happening.”

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Prayer of the Day


Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Every day
My heart and happiness
Prove to each other
That they are two best friends.


2 thoughts on “July 10: Every Day Is My Best Day”

  1. Dear Utpal, thank you for your generous soothing balm-reports for us who could not be there physically.Your exquisite daily reports certainly make us feel more involved in the race. Infinite cheerfulness and enduring speed I wish to all the runners-heroes divine.

    Every aspiration-day
    Begins with new possibilities.

    Every aspiration-day
    Ends with new achievements.

    Sri Chinmoy, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 4, Agni Press, 1979

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