July 11: Diamonds In My Life

In the morning I asked Stutisheel if he wanted to tell me some of his favorite experiences that he has had here at the 3100 mile race.

“I believe one lap will not be enough.  Over the years there have been many good stories.”

Stutisheel and his family have lived and experienced a lot here at the race.  Coming nearly every year since 2004, only Ashprihanal has been here more times.  As I listen to some of his remarkable tales it is easy to see why it has so profoundly shaped and illumined his family and himself.

“All the diamonds in my life I found here, on this half mile loop.”


“I remember one time I was walking for three days.  Everything was okay, I didn’t have any blisters.  The problem was that I was so weak, and nobody could fix it.  By the end of day 3 I was pretty much depressed.  Many doubts started coming to my mind.”  Stutisheel was not certain what was the true source of his problem.  He felt he had some weakness that he could not transcend.

On this very same day his daughter, Alakananda went to a function where his spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy was going to be there.  At the end of the evening Sri Chinmoy, as was his custom was handing out prasad to the children.  Instead of giving her one piece he gave Alakananda 2.  “This is for your father.”


“She came running to me at 10pm.  I have prasad for you.  The moment I took this prasad I had a flash.”

Stutisheel’s instantaneous experience was that he suddenly realized that all he needed to do was to simply keep moving, no matter with what speed.  If he could do this he knew he would be pleasing his soul and pleasing his heart.

“That was such an illumining experience that the next day I was running again.”


Stutisheel describes another time in a different race when he was having such serious problems in his legs that he could barely walk.  “It was pain, pain, pain.”  Once again nothing seemed to help.  “Then Sri Chinmoy came to know about my walking and my suffering.”

“The next morning miraculously the pain decreased dramatically and I could run again.  Than in the morning Sri Chinmoy came and was giving out prasad from his car.  He asked me, how are you? It was than that I realized that it was he who was behind this miraculous cure.  I had a broad smile and I said, thank you Guru.  I am fine.”

Sri Chinmoy’s car than moved further off down the road and stopped where his daughter Alakanda was.  “He gave prasad to my daughter and told her, I put a strong force into your father.”

Stutisheel than describes how his daughter and wife were so happy with what had just happened that they believed that he would now be able to finish the race.  “But I immediately felt that this force I had just received was not just for that race but was enough for me to complete any 3100 mile race I attempted right into the future.  For all my life.”


Stutisheel than quotes a favorite passage from  Sri Chinmoy’s writings.

Question: How can we effectively channel spiritual energy into physical energy

Sri Chinmoy: We have to know that physical energy has only one source, and that source is spiritual energy. As long as we remain in the body-consciousness, we are not aware of this. But when we go deep within, we see that spiritual energy is the source of physical, vital and mental energy. When spiritual energy enters into the physical, it becomes somewhat polluted. It is unable to maintain its pristine purity. What we need is purity on the inner plane and dedication on the outer plane. Inner purity we can get through aspiration, and outer dedication comes through gradual inner purification and inner awareness. When we have both inner purity and outer dedication, then spiritual energy enters into physical energy, and physical energy at that time becomes an added strength to spiritual energy.

Sri Chinmoy, The outer running and the inner running, Agni Press, 1974

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Getting close


Team Kaneenika


On schedule.


The boys.


Start Day 28


Ashprihanal has maintained his 30 mile lead over the record.


He ran 77 miles yesterday and now has 2075 miles.


This is how close he is to running back to Finland.


Wonderful to watch.


Galya maintains his streak to 27 days.  He ran 72 miles yesterday and had 1953 miles.


Enjoying receiving mail.


So very strong.


Vasu also had an another 70 mile day.  He has 1865 miles.


Mid morning he gets a short break and massage from Nicolai.


Yuri continue his streak of good running.


Yuri ran 68 miles and has 1847 miles.


The weather is warm but not unpleasant.  Tomorrow will be a different story.


Atmavir had a great day with 72 miles.


His total now is 1752 miles.


Sports will be going on all day.




“The chicken said to cross the road and I would understand why……… Here I am and I still don’t know why the chicken crossed the road.”




Surasa ran 63 miles yesterday.


She now has 1668 miles.


Doing so well.


The other side of the fence.


Kaneenika had a 60 mile day and now has 1618 miles.


Nirbhasa had another strong day

flower2 copy 5

He ran 63 miles his best total in 16 days.  He has 1606 miles.


Maybe the second half of the race will be easier, as he was told.


No barriers

flower copy

Ananada-Lahari had 51 miles yesterday.  He now has 1471 miles.


Baladev had 60 miles yesterday.  His best since day 7.


He now has 1466 miles.


Getting closer


The 2 mile race was held this morning and I had a chance to speak with Klara and Robert who are both helping out at the 3100 mile race this summer.  They both did well in the morning and having their bananas to prove.


Robert says he tries to run every day.  Klara confesses, “I try to run every day but am not so good at it.”

This is for both of them their second time visiting New York.  The first time was only back in April.  Robert says, “when I came to the Aspiration Ground it was like home.  Klara says that she had only seen it previously by watching videos of Sri Chinmoy when he regularly held functions there. Her reaction to being there in person, “My God this is real.  It is like a heaven.”

Why they came back again, Robert says, “when I first heard about this race I felt something within.”


Klara met Nirjharini in Oslo last year and when she talked about cooking at the race, “I thought it would be a good experience for me.  Now I love it so much. We have such fun here.  We have a very nice team.  At this race we are like a big family here.  It is a very  nice feeling.”

Robert describes the atmosphere as meditative.  Klara adds, “Meditation is not only about peace.  It is also about dynamism also.  So you can feel progress here.  The runners are like real heroes.  You can feel the special blessing that they receive.”

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Klara Placha Robert Plachy

Prayer of the day recited by Kshema


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Kshema prayer

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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There shall come a time
When peace-diamond,
And perfection-diamond
Will all be in your satisfaction-safe.


3 thoughts on “July 11: Diamonds In My Life”

  1. Cheerfulness among runners and helpers is most precious treasure they share with all of us so generously.Gratitude and gratitude and gratitude infinite

    Today God wants my heart
    To be only one thing:
    A roaring strength of cheerfulness.

    Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, Part 1, Agni Press, 2000

  2. Be Happy

    Be happy
    You will grow into God’s greatest blessing, His highest pride.

    Be happy
    Yesterday’s world wants you to enjoy its surrendered breath.

    Be happy
    Today’s world wants you to enjoy its surrendering breath.
    Tomorrow’s world wants you to enjoy its fulfilling breath.

    Be happy
    Be happy in the morning with what you have. Be happy in the evening
    with what you are.

    Be happy
    Don’t complain. Who complains? The blind beggar in you.
    When you complain, you dance in the mire of ignorance-condition.
    When you don’t complain, all conditions of the world are at your feet,
    and God gives you a new name: aspiration.
    Aspiration is the supreme wealth in the world of light and delight.

    Be happy
    Do you want never to be poor? Then be happy.
    Do you want ever to be great? Then be happy.

    Be happy
    You will get what you like most. You will be what you like best.

    Be happy
    When you are happy, you and God command each other.
    God commands you lovingly. You command God hastily.
    When you are unhappy, the Hostile Forces command you ruthlessly,
    doubt commands you openly, bondage commands you triumphantly and fear
    commands you unconditionally.

    Be happy
    God sees in you His aspiring Creation, His transforming Realisation,
    His illumining Revelation and His fulfilling Manifestation.

    Be happy
    God sees in you another God. God sees you as another God.
    God sees you and He as One.

    by Sri Chinmoy

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