Month: July 2014

  • July 11: A New Goal

    “It is a point you achieve and then you go for a new goal.  The goal is ahead, far ahead.  It was something to celebrate and to smile for.  It was a nice achievement but I have something more to do.” Yesterday Jayasalini achieved something historic for herself when she reached the half way point […]

  • July 10: Self Transcendence Is Eternal

    “In this race the weather is everything.  This morning was one of the best days we have had, with low humidity and absolutely everyone is flying around the course.  This is the 26th day of the race and we have had only 2 hot days and I wouldn’t even say they were hot.  I wouldn’t […]

  • July 9: Every Experience

    In all the years the 3100 has been taking place here in New York it has never ceased to amaze, astound, and thrill, both athletes and the general public alike.  Words like impossible and unbelievable are regularly and futilely used to describe, in one hopeless fashion or another, just what it is that happens here […]

  • July 8: Food For The Soul

    Each and every day the 14 runners at the 3100 mile race collectively accumulate on average  830 miles.  As of midnight last night, the end of day 23, when Pranjal was the last one to leave the course, the lights went out, and he pedaled home, they had run 19,105 miles. Lots of things both […]

  • July 7: Surpass Ourselves

    There are lots of good reasons why we love to watch and play sports.  Humans have been engaging in competition from the moment we could throw a rock or kick a ball.  There is a natural instinct in all of us to challenge ourselves to be as good as we can be, and also from […]

  • July 6: Experiencing First Hand

    “Now I am experiencing first hand what the New York times calls the World’s toughest foot race.” This morning I saw Tarit writing a story on his lap top.  He has been here since yesterday helping William.  A job that you might consider trivial, but it is one in fact which is far from simple […]

  • July 5: No Place Like Here

    “There is no place else like here.” Ananda-Lahari has spent each of the past 10 summers of his life coming here.  Here to this little half mile block in Queens.  One which looks very much like thousands of others tucked unevenly in and around New York’s often untidy urban sprawl. A place in which the […]

  • July 4: Continuous Self Transcendence

    Today is the great American Holiday, Independence Day.  From coast to coast and through all its 50 states  people will be celebrating, enjoying themselves, and perhaps reflecting, if even for a moment what this country at its very heart represents to them. In the grand scheme of time it is a new country compared to […]

  • July 3: When Good Things Happen

    Have you ever owned a piece of clothing that you could simply not bare to part with.  Perhaps a great pair of shoes, a hat, or for my generation a pair of blue jeans.  Pants that took weeks of wearing to break in.  To finally feel as though they had become  part of you.  Then […]

  • July 2: New Horizons

    “I think it was on day 11 when I passed the point of 673 miles.  From that point new horizons started to open up.  I have never run further.  Today is day 18 and yesterday I got to the point of 1000 miles.  Then I realized that this was 1,600 kilometers.  It really struck me […]