Day 45… Game Of The Supreme (July 31)

From the very beginning of the race each morning when Vasu saw me running off to interview a runner he would always ask who it was that day.   Inevitably he would make a comment like, “O, good boy.”  This morning I thought I should ask another runner instead how they would describe him, as this morning I was interviewing him for the last time.

Smarana told me that Vasu was a perfect child of the Supreme, a perfect instrument, and that he had a vast Oneness-Dreamboat-Shore heart.  It was a description upon which I could not improve upon.

We have talked many times over the past 7 summers that he has run the race.  In a sometimes confusing and complex world Vasu is sweetness and simplicity incarnate, and I am humbled to be able to call him my brother friend.

My first question to him was done jokingly.  Did he have any plans for the day.  “I have no plan.  All plans have gone.”

The only thing he needs to do he says is to pray and meditate.  I need to be happy and I need to keep running to finish the race.  (62 miles)

“Everybody who finishes the race is the winner.  I think the race is a game of the Supreme, and we just play our roles.  It makes no difference if you win or you are second or last.  It is just a game that you need to play your own role.”

Photo by Spontaneous Beauty

I ask him what he would do if there was simply no finish line or ultimate distance.  Could he simply keep running indefinitely.  “I hope I could do it.  Sri Chinmoy loved this race, and when we do it I hope we can please the Supreme in his own way.  We try to all be in a good consciousness.  We try to run as one, as a family.”

“We are grateful to the Supreme and to all those who participate.”  Vasu says many people who have followed the race have been inspired to write letters.  “We get these letters and sometimes we cry and sometimes we smile.  They are able to make us runner faster and longer.”

“This means that this is not my victory.  It is a victory for everybody.  Because many many people are working in this game.  If by running here we are able to inspire others to go to to try new things and go to their limits. To do something in their own life.  To be a better citizen of the world.”

The Board at the Start of Day 45…*Note totals may not be accurate..Magic Number is 2,622 *

Camp early

Konstantin making ice packs

Vajra and Kobi

Lots of time

William arrives

Tables waiting

Rupantar does his video

Kaneenika arrives

Taking it easy for now

Smarana comes




Putting on shoes

Vasu finishes 3100 mile race tonight

Start of Day 45

A beautiful morning

Vasu ran 68 miles

He starts the day with 3038 miles

He will come back tomorrow to complete 5,000 km


Oneness Dream Boat Shore girls

Kobi ran 66 miles

He now has 2945 miles

He will complete the race on Thursday

Early this evening



Ushika ran 62 miles

The beautiful morning

He now has 2707 miles

A great race


Surasa ran 60 miles

She now has 2648 miles

She is 26 miles over the magic number

The cool morning with the awakening sun


Getting ready for the finish tonight

Kaneenika ran 61 miles

She now has 2622 miles

She is now up to the Magic number



Pictures of snacks

Sopan did 42 miles

He now has 2615 miles

Doing his best


Atandra and Vasuprada

William did 62 miles

He now has 2494 miles

With Alan

Telling a joke


Alan and Aharan

Smarana did 58 miles

He now has 2491 miles


Wide Tuesday view

Ananda-Lahari did

He now has 2375 miles

7 days more to run




Day 45

“Honestly don’t you just hate all the unnecessary packaging these days.”

Cheering section who needs batteries

Poem of the Day read by Savita

Click to Play:

poem savita


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The Lord Supreme wishes to play
Only one game
With His sweet children,
And that game
Is His Eternity’s Satisfaction-Game.

3 thoughts on “Day 45… Game Of The Supreme (July 31)”

  1. Thank you, Utpal for bringing us the Vasu’s soul stirring words and attitudes.

    While we wait for your article tonight about his finish late last night, just a reminder that everyone can look at Jowan’s (“Spontaneous Beauty”) photos here:

    Also, Kobi is likely to finish at 10am tomorrow. Check the webcam on for any updates to this.

    Less than a week to go! Which is still many, many miles on tired feet but with strong hearts. Onward and forward!

  2. Wonderful conversation with Vasu. What an incredible victory… we are all so proud and happy for him and all the 3100 mile warriors.

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