August 1: Inner Fulfillment

A little more than a year ago scientific researchers finally calculated just which bird had the longest yearly migration route.  Prior to then their instruments were just too cumbersome for some species to wear and thus make their calculations.  The winner of this dubious distinction is a very small 4 oz bird called the arctic tern.  Each year flocks of them travel back and forth from the Arctic to the Antarctic, a journey of some 44,000 miles.  Nature has no doubt given them good cause to do this.  Their path way is also not a straight one.  They often follow special seasonal shifting wind patterns and stop here and there along the way to feed and prepare for extra long legs of the flight.

The runners who come here to the 3100 each year do not have the singular excuse that human nature can provide, to do what they do.  Their journey goes no where but around and around.  It is a task in which though they are never hungry they are however almost always continually sore and tired. All their human needs and wants could easily be fulfilled back home in their own countries.  There is no incentive to do this other than one that is indescribable and is generated by a deep and inner source.

Atmavir today will finish the race for the 5th year in a row today.  “I feel very grateful to be here this year, though it was a very difficult year for everybody.  For me it was absolutely the toughest one.  For me it was a miracle that I was able to compete the race this year.”  He says that on the very hot day 2 weeks ago, that when he left the track that night he went home and had tremendous problems.  “I felt it might be over.”  He says that it was only through divine grace that he was able to complete the race this year.  “I am very grateful.”

Despite being so difficult he says, “I got inner fulfillment.  There are more things than miles and laps here.”  He feels as though he made real progress towards his goal.  He then reads a poem which he says helped him tremendously.

How can he be happy
When wild storms are ahead of him?
How can he be happy
When red dangers are beside him?
He can be happy,
He can be happy
Because his Master has said:
“Be happy.”

How can he be happy
When he knows that he has failed
In his life-examination?
How can he be happy
When he knows that he has fought
Against the compassion-warriors of Light?
He can be happy,
He can be happy
Because his Master has said:
“Be happy.”

Sri Chinmoy, The Dance Of Life, Part 16, Agni Press, 1973.

A friend from home sent the poem and he says that receiving it gave him tremendous inspiration.  “I feel that oneness of paramount importance in the spiritual life, and to be aware of your goal.  I really felt I touched the level that I was aware of my goal, and all the time try and feel oneness with others.”

“This year I felt as though you really had to pray for protection, because it was so intense, right from the beginning, for everybody.  I am extremely grateful that many people prayed for us and felt oneness with us, and they supported us in many different ways.  Many local disciples they offered their heart.  And of course my brothers and sisters from many different countries all over the world.  I really felt support from different places.  I am really grateful for that and I treasure it very much.”

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For all the true followers of Surasa they are probably not too surprised that this marvelous lady seems to be somehow finding a way to get through her injury.  It is not always pretty, it has to hurt, but somehow her formula for facing grim adversity just seems to be working. She doubled her lap count yesterday and managed 100 (54 miles) She has 4 days to do 216 miles. In other words she just has to repeat this again every day in order to succeed.


Day 51













“It takes a lot to do what they do, day in day out.”  Bobby is a long time friend of the race.  His parent’s home is just a block away and he has often been around to support the runners.  Not a stranger to long distances he used to drive across the country in his 18 wheel truck twice a month.

“I go away for 2 weeks and come back, and they are still running. You see them continuously going and going.  It really encourages me to go too.”

He tries to do 4 laps each time he is here, and repeat it again in the evening.  “When I talk to these runners what I do is not even a warmup.  It encourages the whole neighborhood.”

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Sandhani has been a race director since the very early years of the Sri Chinmoy marathon team.  The group has continually put on many multiday races and says that it was in 1991 that the seeds for this race were first planted.  It took a few years to work out all the logistics of just how to go about doing it successfully.  He says that Sri Chinmoy during this period would gently ask about it.

He says that Sri Chinmoy envisioned and wanted it very much.  His reaction, “how can we do this?”

“It is a commitment.  Obviously we do a lot of work, physical work, and planning.”  It also needs the help of many people to cover all the facets of the race.  “We are there every day.  You don’t work as hard as the runners do physically.  But we have to be there as well until the distance is covered by all the runners.  There is no letting up any way.”

“I always felt that the multi day races are an amazing manifestation of Sri Chinmoy.  The running I find is the medium that he is using.  They are uniquely his creation.”

“The main thing was to take care of the runners, as much as possible.  They are all really putting themselves out to conquer the distance.”  He feels that Sri Chinmoy manifests something powerful and unique, in and through these races.  “They are conducted according to his wishes and his vision.  I feel that there is something he brings to the earth consciousness, in and through the runners, and everybody who helps, and everybody who is involved.”

He says that Sri Chinmoy used to come by the race at least 2 times a day and even sometimes 4 times.  He feels that he had real love and concern for the event and was particularly pleased with all those who could identify with it.

He says Sri Chinmoy had a real love of running.  Eventually injuries forced him to stop his own running and eventually in the mid 1980’s he turned his attention to weight lifting.  Sandhani says he once asked him once which sport he preferred.  The tone of his words conveyed his feelings, there was no comparison.  Running gave him infinitely more satisfaction.

“He loved it.  Running was a real spiritual metaphor in this world in which we live.” He adds that he is grateful to be able to serve the race and see it to its completion.  “It is a great satisfaction.”

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Poem of the Day

Recited by Nishta




Enthusiasm Awakeners

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, finishing in 5th place in a time of 50 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes and 7 seconds, which is 61.542 miles a day.  This was his 5th consecutive finish.  This young man is a really fantastic runner.  He still holds the 7th fastest time.” Sahishnu

“I am coming back.” Atmavir

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Question: Is it better to use heart-power or mind-power?

Sri Chinmoy: If it is the illumined mind, or the mind that has achieved light, then you can use it. But if the mind is still only in the process of searching for good, for light, then use the heart. In the heart, the light of the soul is always more prominent than it is in the mind. Heart-power is one with the soul’s light. Mind-power at times glimpses this light and at times does not.Mind-power is tricky; heart-power is never tricky. Mind-power cherishes separativity; heart-power cherishes oneness. The ordinary mind uses power to dominate, to possess, to lord it over others. It gets joy from a conscious, deliberate, uncompromising sense of separativity. The heart derives fulfillment only from oneness. So let us use heart-power as often as possible. Only if the mind has achieved light should we use it.

Sri Chinmoy, The Giver And The Receiver, Agni Press, 1987.

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