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  • Self Giving Journey

    It is self evident that there are some things in this world of ours which we judge to be eternal.  They may be man made monuments forged from the sturdy elements of the earth, and it also might be the grand inspiring works of nature itself.  Most often we connect to them spontaneously and deeply.  […]

  • A New Goal

    If we lived in a world which was inhabited by Super heroes than what goes on here around a small block in Queens might be appear quite ordinary, if not darn right monotonous.  That last time I looked up in the sky however I saw plenty of birds and planes but not one caped crusader […]

  • No Return Point

    A small case of World Cup fever broke out at the race on Tuesday night.  It was predicted that his would happen sooner or later some weeks ago.  There is no real cure for this and the Center for Disease Control advises everyone who catches it to remain calm, despite the obvious dramatic impulses that […]

  • I Am Happy I Did

    This morning there was a celebration of sorts before the start of the race.  It would never ever appear on the radar of typical big time New York parties  but it still  meant a lot to those who are part of the 3100 mile race family.  Purna-Samarpan turned 33 today and all those who were […]

  • I Was Born Here

    The parades, parties, and fanfare are now officially over.  The joyous crowd that accumulated, just before the start on the first day, are nowhere to be found.  On this overcast but pleasant Monday morning the cheering fans have evaporated away like a night’s mist.  It has now come down to just the 11 runners, and […]

  • The Hour Has Come

    For a few visitors to New York City Saturday night most likely was a restless one.  After months of anticipation and training, for the 11 runners in the world’s longest race, it was all now swiftly draining down until the scant few hours before they would actually start the Self Transcendence 3100 mile race.  Even […]

  • Now It Is Summer At Last

    There are many things and events that clearly mark the change of seasons for us.  Nobody has quite the same fervid appreciation of  nature’s transformation as do school children and farmers.  Kids see the great freedom of summer vacation inching enticingly closer as the days of June fall away.  For Agriculturists their livelihoods depend on […]

  • Something Special to Offer to the World

    “I think I am being shown that age is in the mind.”  Dipali Cunningham is 50 years old and with each new mile she runs she is drawing tantalizingly closer to doing something miraculous, which is to break her own world record.  In the spring of 2001 she ran 510 miles for 6 days which […]

  • Lions Under the Trees

    There are lions under the trees in Flushing Meadow, but they are not the dangerous kind.   The sun has chased them off the burning paths and they lie in the deep fresh grass and just loll and pant.  They wait patiently for the sun to fall down out of the sky so that they can […]

  • Happy Turtle

    It was a brand new day at the 6 & 10 day race today.  There were 36 fresh faced runners pacing around anxiously waiting for their special moment when they too could throw their lives into the unparalleled adventure which is the 6 day race.  The 10 day runners have already journeyed past the magical […]