Category: 3100 Mile Race

  • August 13 This Time is Special

    “This time is special,” Suprabha says as she talks about her experience here this year in the 3100 mile race.  For anyone who has had the opportunity to observe Suprabha running day in day out, they would have to profoundly agree with her direct and simple assessment of her race this year.  Just 15 days […]

  • August 8 Never Too Much Inspiration

    “It is always good when people try and inspire you.”  Ananda-Lahari is evidence of one who seems to have inspiration as a constant companion in his life.  He had walked a lap with another runner very early this morning who had been trying to encourage him on this his last day at the race.  He […]

  • August 7 Like a Dream

    It is a sweet still morning, odd perhaps for a friday, when the world around us usually gathers itself for the final noisy chaotic rush of the week.  The sky is bright and glowing and the day will not get hot.  It is a day that is swelling with beauty and promise.  It is also […]

  • August 6 This is What I am Supposed to Do

    Ananda-Lahari tells me this morning, his 54th day on the course, that he walked all day yesterday.  I ask him if the reason he walked was due to lack of inspiration or due to lack of energy.  He answers quickly.  “Inspiration I have always.” He is here at the race for the 5th straight year.  […]

  • August 5 Go Forward

    Today Pavol is wearing a T shirt that says, ‘Go Forward.’  It is written in the gently flowing handwriting of his late spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.  The letters are a bright bold red and around it are a collection of four of his bird drawings in soft blue. On this, his 53rd day on the […]

  • August 4 Proud of You

    Diganta starts his final day at the 3100 with just 51 miles to go.  For this young man from Austria, who is just 29, it will be his 4th finish of the worlds longest race. When he arrived this morning he showed not a hint of excitement or anticipation, it appeared for all intents and […]

  • August 3 The Best Way to Proceed

    For several days now there have been bits of grey tape stuck to the sidewalk on all 4 corners of the course.  Little arrows have been carefully drawn on them and they are placed a generous distance from the inside corner.  They were placed there just to remind Suprabha not to make tight turns.  She […]

  • August 2 It Is Not My Victory

    Exactly one year and one day ago Pushkar Mullauer was forced to retire from the 3100 mile race.  After running for over 47 days he had covered an extraordinary number of miles, 2289. He had come however to that painful point in which it was clear that it was just going to be impossible for […]

  • August 1 An Opportunity to Make Progress

    If you do not run or have never run in competition then what takes place in this little corner of Queens will likely be foreign and totally incomprehensible to you.  If mysterious bits of your body hurt during exercise and the very thought of strenuous activity makes you exhausted, than really the notion of running […]

  • July 31 Here I am Alive

    Most will look back at this years race no doubt as the wet one.  The year in which the rain came heavily and it came lightly and it came in every descriptive form of precipitation in between.    It sprinkled and it pounded and then it would go away only to dart back with a […]