Category: 6 & 10 Day Race 2018

  • April 18 Six & Ten Day Race …..New Goals

    The first 24 hours have passed The night has been cold and windy but dry Alex and friend Samus Zoey has 60 miles Volodymyr has 72 miles and is about to soak his feet Vasuprada has 57 A 360 view of the race today

  • April 17 Start of 10 Day Race 2018…The Inner Journey

    The course has mostly dried out since yesterday and in the morning the 10 day runners are signing in Yuri will be running Getting the banner up Alex from Fort Worth tents are mostly up Giribhu Petra is not running for 4 more days Sergey and friend

  • Day Before 10 Day Race 2018

    Under some very challenging circumstances.  George and Erlinda Biondic set up their tent in Flushing Meadow the day before the start of the 10 Day Race Overnight and into the morning hours rains were heavy But Bipin is confident the course will drain by morning Construction continues The dugouts are the last of the major […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race Set Up April 15

    There are still 2 days before the start of the 10 day race Bipin and his crew have been working hard now for the past few days getting everything set up There are many helpers like Dan who have helped with the setup many times The kitchen at least has a roof Race director Rupantar […]